Numbers 2019


Maybe some people just putting too much value on numbers… at the end of the day what difference is shiel wearing 20 to shiel wearing 9?


Shiel wearing 11




No actual difference, only the perceived value associated with a lower number (or a number worn previously by a famous player at the club).

If they had 9 and 20 to give out, and you and I were the two players, I’ll take 9 every day of the week, thank you very much (since you don’t care).
… but if 32 was on offer… oh boy, wowee!


#1 would be the lightest number to wear.
I wonder what the heaviest would be?
#88, maybe?


I assume you realise number 88 has neo-Nazi connotations.


The number 9 made famous by Vlad’s brother, Jim.

Rama, BJ, Shane Heard…apart from these three, not the greatest number in EFC history

Cocky, Kickett, Andrew Underwood, Bruce Waite, Brian Pirouet, Brent Prismall, John Cassin

Further back, ex-president Greg Sewell, Ted Leehane


Do you.


Yes. I watched Justified.

Heil Hitler = HH = 88


Yes, it is obvious now.


I assume you realise the number 88 has lucky connotations for Chinese people.


And not so lucky for “The Crazy 88” in Kill Bill :wink:


Shiel 32
Mosquito 9
Ham 45
Gown 20
Jok Jok 47
Clarke 22


Stringer 9
Shiel 32
Guefi 15
Mosquito 22
Ham 20
Gown 25
Jok 35
Clarke whatever

I would have changed McKenna as well, but he has had 45 for so long now, I assume he doesn’t want to change.

Edit: BTW, the reason I suggested 22 for Mosquito was that it reminds me of the ‘ZZ’ in ‘MOZZIE’. Too obscure?


And to pairs of Fat Ladies I understand…


Nah, reckon it’s good.

Like 25 for Gown, but don’t really care that much what numbers they get.


A couple of those big German Frauleins with horns on their hats?


Just transplanting my new post from our numbersss thread from earlier this year where it took until April to get our website “mostly” up to date.

Probably should take a leaf out of @Bomb_Doe 's book and get onto the EFC about this.

Should we wait until we have numbers or should we go the Geelong option?


“recent” starts at 1975?


Numbers must be dropping very soon now that the list is all locked away.

Surely there wont be any players that were on the list last year changing?

I think Shiel for 9, Mozzie 20 and so on. as in the original post. Do the players actually give a ■■■■?