Numbers 2019


C’mon… surely you’ve heard the rumours about how old Noonan is


Currently at the hanger and Shiel walked out with 9 on his backpack.


Probably a sure sign. I had him pencilled in for 32.


We’ll have to wait for whenever it is that the AFL send a photographer, and with 18 clubs it will take a few weeks to get them all done.


Laverde has moved numbers to 15.

My tip is Mozzie into 33 - replicate his idol Cyril.


Full jumper reveal on Saturday at Family day


Nice call there Eckers7, just off on the number.

15 it is.


Jack Watts found #1 to be unbearably heavy.


…who played for a different club. :slightly_frowning_face:

Give him 22 instead.



Don’t know if it’ll happen, but I think 33 is a great fit for Mozzie. As well as Cyril, indigenous small forwards Phil Matera and Wiz Farmer had good careers in 33. On the other hand there’s Lachlan Ross, who’s etched into folklore for an on field moment of a different kind when he mocked Brett Heady’s ears.


You’re not allowed to have idols at different clubs?



Have it on good authority that a big update on the players is coming through with more stats and fresh bios etc. Aiming for Monday (Telstra pending of course…)

And everyone will be pleased to see most of the players are now in the new Amart logo jumpers.




seriously O M G is censored?


was McKernan a rookie?
Mckernan, Long, Mynott, McNeice, Draper, Lavender all Rookies so not there




Photoshop job. All they did is put an Amart logo over the top of the players who had a Kia logo on the front of their jumpers from last year. Team photos aren’t done until Jan/Feb time…


Apparently its a tough job photoshopping cause they haven’t finished the rest of the players… Seriously what a waste of time!


The others have Fujitsu on their jumper, who are still a sponsor. They only did it so that Kia don’t continue to get a free plug now that they are no longer sponsoring the club.


No. They are known as ‘false idols’ and they are specifically outlawed in the Bible.