Numbers 2019


Amart are paying a record amount for the club to promote them, so it is good to know the club and the website/Telstra have prioritised the sponsorship and done a photoshop update on the jumpers so promptly, but couldn’t give a toss about updating the website for the season just gone until April this year.

I will pull my head in if they can nail the update on Monday.


I think it’s pretty ordinary that the club doesn’t have these things updated almost immediately there is any change.
People blame Telstra, but surely the club has some internal level of access and this sort of thing should be a very simple update.
If it’s not, it’s a disgraceful effort from Telstra and the club


Oooh dear, this is Telstra we’re talking about!


Who’s there to announce numbers?


New numbers:
9 – Dylan Shiel
15 – Jayden Laverde
20 – Zac Clarke
22 – Irving Mosquito
32 – Noah Gown
33 – Brayden Ham
46 – Tom Jok


Shiel in 9 is good, but the more I thought about it, I would have loved him in 32.

The rest are all fine, and I reckon Mosquito can do good things in 22. He’s got some cheekiness just like Duckworth.




At family day… will give live


Jok 46


Ham 33


Gown 32


Mozzie 22


Zlarke 20… @conjunctivitus on the money


Shiel 9 obviously


Nice one.



Clarke at 20 is dumb. Will likely be with us one year only, max 2.


I’m disappointed no upgrade for McKenna. 45 is shitt


From Members First email:

(Pretty poor our club couldn’t get DEREK Kickett’s christian name correct…)

We’ve finalised the team’s guernsey numbers for 2019 with a total of seven changes.

The new numbers were unveiled today at our annual Family Day at the Melbourne Showgrounds in Flemington. The club’s six new players, as well as young forward Jayden Laverde, were presented with their jumper numbers by lucky Junior members who were surprised with the opportunity on the day.

Having been traded to the Bombers by GWS in the October AFL Trade Period, Dylan Shiel will take on a new playing number, when he runs out in the red and black donning the No.9 guernsey in 2019.

The guernsey has rich history at the Bombers with former captain Brendon Goddard and club champions Adam Ramanauskas and Derrick Kickett previous custodians of the jumper.

Former Fremantle ruckman and mature-age recruit Zac Clarke will wear No.20, while Laverde has opted to don No.15 in 2019.

Draftees Irving Mosquito, Noah Gown, Brayden Ham and Tom Jok will wear Nos. 22, 32, 33 and 46 respectively.

Having been re-drafted to the Club as a rookie, defender Matt Dea will continue his AFL career wearing the No.49 guernsey.

The remainder of the Bombers’ playing list remains unchanged for season 2019.

New numbers:
9 – Dylan Shiel
15 – Jayden Laverde
20 – Zac Clarke
22 – Irving Mosquito
32 – Noah Gown
33 – Brayden Ham
46 – Tom Jok


So when he vacates it, its available for some fancy future free agent from the giants?


It was most likely Connor who opted not to change numbers. Kudos to the young man for wanting to make that number his own, if that is indeed the case.