Numbers 2020

The way it’s been done recently is for senior players to move up the list if they want, and then vacant numbers in order.

I’ll assume neither Snelling nor Draper nor Clarke will move up, and that Phillips will keep the number he’s worn at both clubs.

12 - Tom Cutler
20 - Harrison Jones
23 - Nick Bryan
24 - Ned Cahill
28 - Lachlan Johnson
31 - still held over for Max
34 - Andrew Phillips
36 - Mitch Hibberd
39 - Jacob Townsend (?)
41 - Ross McQuillan
46 - Cian McBride

Like Clarke took 20, Hibberd or Townsend might this year.

■■■■ that’s a lot of new players.


I reckon Redman might move to 12
Cutler to 20
Andrew Phillips to 27 (ruckmans number)

Draftees then get the rest in order


Luke Davis wore 27.

David Hille wore 34. No ruckman ever wore 2 (may have, but not in my time). They’ve worn 1, 3, 4, 9, 12, 14, 16, 18, 19, 20, 24 etc etc.



Get the feeling that if any of the current players switches to 12 it’ll be Guelfi.

What about II ?


No current player number changes for me. Redman wearing 27, that’s a prestigious number IMO. Moving to 12 wouldn’t make too much sense. For me:

12 - Jones (been likened athletically to Nick Riewoldt so why not?)
20 - Bryan
23 - Cutler
28 - Phillips
34 - Johnson
36 - Hibberd
39 - Cahill

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I suspect AN10 meant to say “before Bellchambers”…but I think he just forgot that bit. Apparently he’s getting pretty old, so we should cut him some slack.

I like the recent tradition we have had with tough players getting the 12 jumper so wouldn’t mind Dylan Clarke getting the upgrade, it was also his number for Eastern Ranges

Cutler wore 28 for Vic Metro and is close to 26 which he had at Brisbane

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I have every expectation and confidence that each of our new players will indeed, have a number.

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Bellchambers IS #2, no-one previously in my time. WORE is past tense.

Bellchambers wore #44 but now wears #2. Bellchambers used to wear #44, but since 2013 has worn #2. In the last game of the 2019 season, Bellchambers wore #2. In 2002, Paul Salmon returns to Essendon at the urging of Kevin Sheedy, and wears the #4 he first began wearing at Hawthorn. This bit is worn out.

We’ve finally found out what it’s good for!!


Absolutely nothing?

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Uh huh yeah!

Seems like Harrison Jones will be getting #24 as he said in his media conference video that he thinks he is only one locker away from Stringer. (Pretty sure 26 is taken. :wink:)

Wah, wah, wah! Big guys haven’t worn #24 since Don McKenzie. It’s a mid-size forwards’ number.

And probably most of them were taller than Don McK.

1 locker away could mean #23. Otherwise he could of said my locker is next to stringers…