I think tbe reality is Worsfold the board and Jobe have supported this and it would not have been a decision made lightly.

I think they know whst they have


Shown plenty. Lazer straight kick. Still physically developing. Better than Jobe at this age.


Kids got it all.

By the end of the year there will be no doubt about the number 4.


Jobe played 13 very ordinary games in his first 3 years, Langford’s played 31.
Hopefully, Langford follows the same trajectory


I agree Langford hasn’t come on, and been disappointing in his energy and engagement levels. In his first few games he looked to be a very promising HFF lead up forward and I thought that was his place. The club has more midfield plans for him and while I’m not convinced of this, this elevation to #4 indicates the club are more convinced than me, given they’ve invested and sacrificed a year in his midfield growth. You need to be a farking bull to play inside mid and the lack of “get the fark out of my way” attitude is the intrinsic attitude gap for me. However … I have faith that the club has more knowledge than I could ever attest to in this area and I also appreciate Langford never asked to be a midfield bull and I can’t begrudge him.

With all of that said, I will watch our new #4 will interest in 2018.

I am very happy McGrath is holding #1 rather than moving to #5. He looks awesome in #1 and it’s obvious it’s his now, for a loooooooong, beautifully long time.

Stringer #25 is the most interesting. My best guess as to how this was arrived at was the club suggesting that Jake “start again” and go back to the pack. This would remove pressure and provide motivation. I’d guess as further reasoning and motivation, the club told him that if he is as his word, of focusing and working his butt off, he will earn his place again as #9 when Goddard retires. So the low ball number would be used as motivation and a pressure release to reach his innate potential.


Smith #5? Now we see why he was arrogant in that interview

Didn’t realise until that vid Stringer was taller than Lucas


Devon Smith - hassled Dodoro constantly for the #5 and wants to be one of comps best mids.


He’s going to quickly become a fan favourite


Stringer better be hoofing them from 60 and never pass.


And on the left boot.


You wouldn’t give a guy number 4, unless you planned to give him 69+ more games.

It’s just plain science.

I’m personally a little disappointed about Smith getting number 5. I’m not gonna vomit or anything, but I’m certainly a bit gassy.


Not sure about langers but you give him the opportunity in 2018.

As for Smith how can you not be pumped. Gun player returning from injury, looks fit and ready to go. Arrogant as hell and has the goods to back it up. Look the ■■■■ out. Will do it proud.


Better get that checked out, could be your appendix - speaking from experience


Why does the number 4 look so soft in that photo?


Numbers are one of those things that doesn’t guarantee a great career, but I like that there is romantiscm around a number.

If Langford doesn’t have a great career in the number 4 - who cares? We didn’t have a great number 3 for ages, and now it suddenly looks like we will.

There will always be great numbers to be celebrated at our club. Right now you would say these players will go down as great servants of their numbers and club
6, 7, 9, 18, 21, 26


Well I for one am happy about the new numbers.

The Langford running around in #4 exites me immensely.


Weird that the club’s website hasn’t updated the team profiles page to coincide with the number changes.


The club website will probably be updated some time in February.
It’s not run by people who live and breathe Essendon.


yep - I’ve been told it may be a Telstra issue. But it has been noted and is being followed up on. No longer having full control of our site is a shame.




My son brought me an Essendon Away guernesy (the all red one) last yr with the number 25 printed on it ( which is the date of my birthday) i didn’t wear it at all to the footy last yr cause it might of been a bit embarrassing wearing the number 25 jumper when the bloke who had that was no where near a senior game (alex Morgan) but rest assured it will certainly naking an appearance this yr you can bet on that