Official EFC v Dockers Review thread

WA Bomber fans should launch a class action lawsuit against EFC.

They get charged more than members from any other states and consistently get served up more terrible shit) than any other supporters.

Surely our brains (sic) trust could have a little think and come up with some tactics for the players to focus on, instead of reportedly letting them go on vacation to WA wineries and Crown casino?

Deplorable efforts tonight, deplorable coaching, deplorable planning. Freo must love us coming over to give their fans a special night out almost every year.


Such a nice, passive football club.


Game hasn’t finished yet.

We had no idea what to do under pressure. Plain and simple.

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We just let a Ross freaking Lyon coached team score 100+ points against us!!

Nothing quite kills a weekend like an Essendon game interstate


An interstate loss. Annoyingly frequent and about as good a guide on how we will go this season as a Carlton game.


Well that was unexpected

Completely out-coached tonight.



In years passed this would have been 50+

But yeah, we are still a quality mid short


â– â– â– â–  weak

I’m glad it wasn’t a blowout

Typical WA performance. Freo will win a few games this year but not many. We definitely let ourselves down. Reminded me why I wouldn’t be signing Woosha… guy can’t coach on matchday and clearly couldn’t see that we were going in too tall.

JoeD has an injury or has really lost his talent cause he couldn’t get anywhere near it tonight. Hooker is a waste of space up forward if we are getting carved up through the middle… could have used him down back until we got on top in the middle.

We still look very slow if we are fumbling… our speed is through fast hands and ball movement not pure leg speed. Our skills were deplorable tonight.

Not many positives for me… but the good thing is we have a WA trip out of the way… it is only Round 2 and seemingly no major injuries out of the game.

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Nothing’s changed another season of mid table mediocrity incoming


Just don’t understand why we kept letting Fremantle play with 2 extra defenders yet who knows what the hell our 2 extras were doing.

We have no plan B.

If teams don’t allow us to get it out of our forward 50 by run and carry we are screwed.

If we kick it long to a contest and force a ball up we don’t have the inside mids to take advantage of such situations.

In essence, it’s pretty easy to beat us. Stop our run and carry.


Thanks for ruining Easter Essington.



Well, where do you start?

Should have gone to the Victory match


Staggering. I have no idea what’s going on with the midfield. We draft parish and McGrath as MIDFIELDERS but they don’t play mid. Why does the failed old timers and Langford get more opportunities than under 18 midfield jets? Can someone answer this?