Official Essendon farks Fark Carlton thread

Great game - many highlights. Zerret great today, Joey finally kicks straight, Tippa shows what we always knew he could do. Great team effort!

Many things to like - the future looks bright!


■■■■ the wooden spoon

I want a Zach Merrett haircut

Zach is star, will be the next Ablett. Amazing, didn’t miss a single target.

Top 4 next year, lets go.

How good are these scenes after the game

Amazing scenes, epic win.

the scenes after the game! Crazy good.



We win, Crows lose (I’m in Adelaide) and front row Gunners tickets! What a farken week!

■■■■ the wooden spoon

Crying like a baby at the top of the stand

Cooney is Trashed!

The AFL would love this. They’d know next year our crowds will be massive.

Round one 2017 baby!

Started the year by farking Carlton at Princes Park, and finish the year by farking them again.

Forever our ■■■■■■■ you tanking pissweak dickheads

To the dozen or so fucktard blues fans who stayed to boo during the post game presentation, I hope you all enjoy the next decade of mediocrity and failure. ■■■■■.


Your club is farked

You’d think we have won a final with these post-game scenes.