Old people don't understand the Internet


I’ve been doing that for about 20 years now…since I first got cable.

As long as you have some sort of protection, you should be OK.


Pretty much. You could go into network properties and disable the network adpater if you wanted to each time. But why bother? If you have a legit copy of windows (so many bogus cracked copies out there, not worth it when Win10 Home is $130) then a decent router and AV is enough if you aren’t torrenting pirated software that requires cracks.


Speaking of internet. Who should I get a new NBN connection with?


We’re with iiNet… not the cheapest but the speed and reliability is sensational


I was going to be a smartarse and say AOL.
But it got me wondering…this could equally belong in the dumb questions amnesty, but OPDUtI is fine too…
Could it be technically possible to subscribe to an overseas provider, or is that just really stupid?


I doubt it’d be possible.

Plus if you want to really go throwback let’s throw the name Compuserve around.


Also I’d like Foxtel for Fox Footy + Eurosport but do you think Foxtel have a nicely discounted bundle? Hahaha, nope. $170/month sheeeeeeeesh


Telstra $120 a month 2000gb including Telstra TV & Foxtel, 3 months free sports HD package then $29 a month (extra for HD) all local national and calls to Aus mobile included.

Downside, your dealing with Telstra & 24 month contract


Haven’t needed a home phone for ten years, don’t need one now.


Trying to get my parents to ditch theirs.

‘but what if someone calls?’

‘you’ve moved houses 3 years ago no one calls your landline, they’ve just been calling your mobile… youonly get calls from telcos and scammers now’


we keep our wifi box on all the time.
but only connect computers/laptops/phones/ipads when at home / need to use them.


Internode $75 p month - 300gb and If u get netflix it doesnt count towards data use.


I’m with Aussie BBand. No contract, good modem at great price, no set up fee.

Them, or for a family, (More usage/speed) It seems Mate Communicate has a really good rep… and prices. Eg: …


You using Navigator bro?


Seems like everyone is $100 or thereabouts for 100mbps


Yep, but TBH, If you havent got 4 people wanting to stream movies etc at the same time, it’s not really needed IMO.

I get by on 12mbps just fine, . unless the kids / G kids are here going mad. (But I kick them o/side to do real stuff mostly when they’re here.)

O/wise, it’s plenty more than needed to stream sport etc in HD, (uses about half of that) or d/load stuff,… but I don’t mind waiting 5 minutes at times either.


Also, (and any ISP is OBLIGED to tell you this, … but ask anyway) if you are more than a certain distance from a node, (assuming you’re not FTTP) you have virtually zero chance of getting the 100mbps, (thankyou Malcolm, thankyou), as a for instance,. I’m just less than 500 metres from mine, and cannot get more than 50, . sooo …


Is that you Malcolm?


I’m with Telstra. They f***ed up the billing big time but the quality has been flawless.

Got lucky and have fibre to the home.

If you are getting this at home use your business to get the business product. Exactly the same thing except 24/7 support and dedicated business (means much less waiting). Business service staff will also be Australian based instead of offshore.


So even with FTTH, the max is 100mbps?