Old people don't understand the Internet


I’ve had 100mbps for years. How do people survive on anything less. LOL.


So, you’re a hitman?


Sperm donor?


Same thing, right?[quote=“Reboot, post:263, topic:2348, full:true”]

Sperm donor?

Same thing, right?


This exactly happened to a guy at work, re the South Africa experience, he was nearly pulling his hair out


Have you seen my head?! :wink:

If you have a couple of hours to kill, have a read of iinet’s reviews. Page after page of exactly the same experience. At least it wasn’t personal agaisnt me. http://www.productreview.com.au/p/iinet.html


iiNet was great before they were taken over by TPG.


Yep. I was with them and their predecessors for 20 years. Australian support staff were fantastic - knowledgeable and efficient. Call waiting time to speak to them was always pretty good.

It’s quite the achievement what TPG have done to them. From top of the pile to bottom (or close to it). As I said, when you have problems with their connection (which you will if FTTN - just a matter of time) you are in a World of pain.


Can anyone here advise me on using MMOGA to buy software?


Their prices are so cheap, that I am wary.


If it seems too good to be true…


If its a cdkey reseller or platform for individuals to sell their keys its probably a working key just a matter of how long. A lot are extras from medium sized businesses where the IT guy sells it, however once their agreement with the proprietary software holder ends so does the license that you’ve bought through these sites. Other rarer times these keys were bought with stolen credit cards and your access gets revoked suddenly. Generally if its vital software for your personal computer or business buy it from the legit seller. If its for a ■■■■ around computer (something you game on, or just watch netflix and don’t really care if it gets done in) then its up to you. Just know your access can suddenly be revoked with the software you’ve bought.


Staying on topic (actually more on topic than it was at the start)…


I was looking to upgrade by current Windows Office 2007 to the latest version, and came across this site that will sell a single user version of Office 2016 Pro for about $100. It says that it sends you a key and you download the software form MS.

MS has no warnings about it and no-one suggests it is a scam, but as HAP says, if it is too good to be true etc

I buy lots over the web and have not be ripped off as yet; always a first time I guess.


if the site itself is selling the key, its probably safe. if its a site for people to sell be very wary.


I got Office365 for use on 5 devices, so Mac, IPad, iPhone. Might have cost a little over $100


Open Office. Free, open source, and does all you could need.


I hate M$ with a passion, and find something new to curse them about nearly every day.

However, Open Office does not provide the high level functionality of XL.

And unfortunately Apple’s Numbers is just an underpowered toy in comparison.


Easiest and cheapest legal way to get it is if you know someone who’s workplace offers the MS Home Use Program (HUP). Usually $15 to buy ouright (viua D/L) with a your workplace email and you can install it on up to 2 pc’s. The only condition is that you ‘uninstall it should you cease employment’ with said company. LOL. Have to legit copies and even after leaving one place was able to re download and install using the same Key.

Another option is if you have a student relo, which offers the same sort of deal to students provided they have a uni card etc.


Open Office/ Libre Office etc are good for typing up quick angry letters to the editor, but if your using it for real work, they really can’t compare.


Blitzer I met in Singapore mentioned My Republic. They’re $40/mo cheaper than every other provider.

Are NBN providers a cartel?