Old people don't understand the Internet


Isn’t it just a soggy marsh with a few struggling apple trees?


If you are moving bush then you need to get yourself a decent gene and have your power box wired to be able to switch between gene and mains. As we run a business from the farm it made sense to buy a decent one that would keep the ovens and baking equipment going. The Honda EU70is pumps out 7KV and keeps things humming along. Has come in very handy during the floods and storms we face up here in the Northern Rivers.


Bacchus Marsh is great.

Just on NBN, I’ve had mine for 6 months or so. Drops out 3 or 4 times a week.I have to turn everything that uses internet in the house off, reset the modem, then switch everything back on. Very frustrating.


Well I was the second place in the Marsh to get NBN (primary school got it first and I live very close), so they must have given me the best as it has never failed once, and I get 100 mbps



That’s why I left mine at 25/5 to start with. It’s reaching that so I’m making 50/10 (or whatever it is) and leave it at that. Whereas my ■■■■■■■■ cousin instantly put his up to 100/25 and guess who’s disappointed…


I don’t live in the Marsh.


Always accept Bomber Supporters


MyRepublic internet is fast


worth the CS hassles?


Yeah. Barring any future issues the only real problem I had was they send an email saying ‘wait to be contacted’ when in reality you need to contact them. But NBN appt was flawless (just delayed) and was connected within an hour or so of them being finished.

If it continues on at this speed for this price I’m very happy.


People I know who are with them are very happy.


That’s good to know. I got a “Rocket” flyer from them in the mailbox the other day, and if the new modem my crew are sending me doesn’t sort the drop out issue, they too will get a Rocket, and I just might head to them.

Strangely it seems they only have the one plan, … but 100 mbps Unlimited at $60 bucks (IIRC), isn’t bad value for money.

Has anyone "Churned " NBN ISP’s & know the process / costs yet?




Peak and off peak staying up at the top rate?



NBN now deferred till 30 June, which sounds a convenient date to further defer from.


They don’t want you bringing your filthy Llama ■■■■ to Victoria’s idyllic coastal regions.


■■■■ you, buddy! I’ve moved onto alpacas, guanacos and vicunas now. Llamas are so old hat, and vaguely, IMO, a bit tacky.


Weird thing about My Republic… I think they might be putting all their traffic through a VPN. Every site that tries geolocating me comes up with Sydney, not Brisbane like usual.