Old people don't understand the Internet


I purchased a Huawei 10’ tablet in Beijing, and have been trying to load Apps on to it.

I get the message that

Your device appears to be rooted. This application cannot run on rooted devices

Seemed like a Chinese joke at first, but I have found there is such a thing on Android devices; so how do I unroot this tablet ??


Basically you’d wipe the tablet and reininstall Android using the original software from Huawei.

It’s quite a task though so you’d have to look it up for step by step process.


When I looked into grabbing one of these I came across some info on whirlpool along with some discussion on best way to resolve


How are you going with them?

Flyers are coming out in my 'burb and my current ISP (TPG) is sending me letters and sms’s to sign up.


I was having constant drop out issues with Telstra on NBN. Couple of times a week it would just ■■■■ itself.

The instructions for the modem say to use the splitter that comes with it. You don’t need a splitter and since I’ve removed it the internet has been fine.

In case anyone is having the same issues.


Not a problem, highly recommended.


Convinced. Will give TPG one chance, as I bundle two mobiles with them, but looks like we’re moving on!


My ADSL2 was disconnected today. Guy coming down Monday to connect all my gear to the NBN. I have Cbus and a few other things soa bit tough to do it myself.

Telstra TV comes with the new bundle, so interested to see how that all works. Unfortunately that takes me to 5 HDMI devices while the TV has 4. So need a hub/splitter.


With NBN don’t understand why people would stay with telstra.

Optus maybe for the epl streaming.


apple tv


telstra tv looks exactly like the Roku devices.

Would stay with your apple tv over and probably get foxtel now instead. which means you can cut foxtel. up to you, depends on your bandwidth/speeds.


DVD player for multi-region

Will never deal with Optus. They are unmitigated ■■■■*holes. Telstra might have times of incompetence, particularly with billing and as long as you don’t have to phone their call centres, but I’m prepared to deal with that.

The way Optus dealt with connections after my brother died was disgusting and recently, they just cut off the old man’s email for no reason. Took my sister two days to get it fixed. They’re scum.

Telstra TV is a Roku device.


I mean i’d be more inclined to go a small/medium business that kinda cares about their customers rather than those goliaths thats just a pain every time something goes wrong.


I must be a lucky one. Never had a problem with optus.


Yeah, I was with them for years. Only reason I left was because I moved interstate and my flatmate wanted killer interwebz pings for the gamez. Yeah ok, I did too.


If it doesn’t cut in instantly, it’s not uninterruptible…


Yes, of course :slight_smile:
And since nothing is instantaneous, nothing is uninterruptible.


Urgh, it’s going to be HFC - is a 100 mb connection even remotely worth it?


Depending on what you do and where you live vivid wireless internet is pretty good.

89 unlimited no contract and the 4G speed can be really fast.

Just hassle free.


What is HFC


There first thing I though of was Halal Snack Pack. I must be hungry.