Old people don't understand the Internet


Same here. Every few years I ring them up and threaten to leave, just to ensure that they send me free ■■■■ or discount my plan a bit.


Hybrid Fibre coaxial. (they use remaining Telstra/foxtel/optus cable networks to plug you to the NBN fibre backbone and also add new Cable instead of fibre)

Basicaly its a fancy way of saying that the Fibre NBN is bastardised now from the original FTTP concept.

A person i know does NBN installs and says its FKN Retarded, they could just as easily run the Fibre… but they run the cable… because?? (supposbly its cheaper and quicker) yet it takes the same time to run fibre as cable. There literally in the pits and on the poles putting in a sub-standard system that could easily be fibre. (truth is they rent the cable from telstra/foxtel/optus who are friends of the liberal party, where as Labour wanted to purchase all the conduit access for 1 billion, but lost the election) The NBN is a Bizarre beast… not to mention it is all be done by sham contracting through companys paid by the tax payer. lots of guys on the ground doing the installs not getting any super at all. ask your next NBN installer that comes to your house if he is a contractor and if he gets super… 100% sure he is not. he may not even have his own workcover enabled… as he thinks the company above him provides it.
This will be one of the biggest rorts ever.
ITs a complete and utter dogs breakfast.


Cable + fibre . Hybrid Fibre-Coax.


100mbps is awesome.

End of story.


HFC was designed for a fraction of the population to use it. For Optus, it was a very low fraction, so it got dumped early on as connecting everyone in an area to it would just give a uniformly miserable experience.

Telstra/Foxtel cable still wasn’t designed for 100% to use it, so without substantial updates won’t deliver as promised. Lots of existing Telstra Cable customers are rather annoyed at all those plebs ruining their network.

(Was scheduled for FTTP in June 2014. Now scheduled for HFC by December 2018. Sigh.)


Why are more people not looking at wireless?

Like the esteemed Tony Abbott, I’m not a tech guy, but I’m with these cats:


I have zero complaints, only praise.

A friend downloads things from Estonia each week and I would say it averages 6 minutes to ■■■■■■ the game.

Edit: Really? “(Snatch)”?


But in 5 years when its ■■■■ and you want gbps?


Wireless sucks for gaming.




Yeah, wireless is about burst usage. ie downloading a file it’ll go up quite a bit, but then it drops. (Sorta like uploads on adsl)

Hence its very instable. if you don’t game its not an issue if you do, it is.


And when the Full VR choose your own adventure movies get to us that require massive bandwidth… It wont be much chop.


Ping time! Faster through a cable than through the air.


Mariokart 8 on the Wii runs perfectly for me. Don’t know what y’all on about.


Yeah I’m gonna say that’s not what “gamers” are into


Is it some kind of weird sex thing?




@Riolio hows myrepublic going for you?


Not a problem.

I hear others aren’t as pleased, but mines fine.


Pack it up guys. Gonna have to spend 20 extra for Netflix and YouTube


My daughter told me last night

“Dad I need a Raspberry Pie for school next year”