Old people don't understand the Internet


Could this lead to a few big companies monopolising isp’s then restricting content they allow to turn the internet into a pseudo television network. You know the big studios see the demise of tv and cinema to the internet and want to wrest back control of entertainment the way they have had previously.


You got it. That’s what t’s all about,

Notice Murdoch sold off the Fox entertainment arm for $50 Billion, … announced on the very same day?

No coincidence.


I reckon it’s great that programming is being taught in schools.


Some real bad takes floating around thanks to the fcc’s decision.


When I think of the cost of my internet and the speed I am getting I want to vomit.



Don’t look up prices in scandinavia.


Remember, that is the internet that Tony and Malcolm worked so hard to disable impose on us.


The title of this thread was me today :slight_smile:


My place got a fibre to the node NBN connection. There are about a million internet service providers…any recommendations?


Depends where you live.

We have had fibre to the home since very early NBN days ( yep I am gloating!), and use a crowd called VicWest Telco who are local to Ballarat and Bendigo and I think Gerlong.

They have real people who answer questions quickly based in Bendigo and their local technician lives in out Town. We have not had any real issues never has crashed and we pay $59.95 per month for 100 MPs and unlimited downloads.

I reckon finding a smaller local provider is better than the big ones.


I’m still waiting on getting connected but I have several recommendations for Aussie Broadband.


Go with whoever has a rep for hoping cvc when you have congestion


@wimmera1 for example


I can’t computer.
I can internet perfectly well thank you.


Sooo, . SPEED TESTS. Why so varied? Are there some you can’t trust?

Here is a snip of a shitload of tests I just ran from different test sites over 10 minutes.

The consistently high test (1), is from here, … https://www.ozspeedtest.com/
which shows I am getting full bandwidth, … I retested with it several times after testing others in between.

2, Is from Telstra, as all similar size peaks are.

3, was consistently no higher than my upload speed, … which was constant across all tests, @ approx the 1 mbps it’s supposed to be., … and is from the Google embedded thing at the top of this search page…

Speed Test search

Other varied peaks are from other random sites (iinet, … speedtest.net, , Ookla, etc), … and are all over the joint like a Mad dogs breakfast.

Anyone know what the fark is going on??


At a guess without knowing your setup, peak hour.


Kiddies at home on HD Netflix. Mine drops about 4pm.

But my peaks are high 20s down and mid teens up.


That snip of my data monitor is over a 10 minute period, … with the ozspeedtest one showing full bandwidth every test,… but all the others showing varying degrees of less bandwidth during the same 10 minutes.

“Torrent” tested straight afterwards, and with enough fully seeded files, it too maxed out, … so It’s just weird that a lot of the other tests showed way less than what was really achievable according to the ozspeedtest site and the Torrent test.??


You assume those sites had perfect connections too.


I actually assume nothing. I have no idea why, . if they are all speed test sites, … why or how, they could have such variation.

Which led to my initial question, … can some just not be trusted to show true results?