Old people don't understand the Internet


Different types different set ups etc… You doing tests on cable or wireless?


I did see that written somewhere and ended up trying with cable rather than wifi, … results were better,. eg; more often showing closer to my supposed 12mb b/width,… but still some incredible variation.

The one noted is the DODO speed test. Dodo indeed.


Wifi causes all sorts of issues with speed and reliability test. Glad you got better results.


So, I’m not that old, but don’t understand NBN.

I now have FTTN (which is think is the crappier verions?) Anyway, I keep getting mail to switch to NBN. I have iinet and have been happy with it. But it only provides VDSL2 which an alternative to NBN.

Should I stay with a service provider I like and upgrade to VDSL2 or switch to NBN?


VDSL is NBN, isn’t it??

Unless they’ve upgraded the copper and a buttload of exchange HW.


It says its an alternative to NBN. That’s the extent of my knowledge.


I was under the impression that almost everything that wasn’t nbn would be disconnected, so keep that in mind, if you’;re happy right now, why change? but be mindful that you might get flyers in a years time warning you to switch to nbn because your existing service will be disconnected


That’s what I was thinking. Thanks. I think myrepublic might be a good choice?


Well, I’ve learnt something today.

As barnz says, I reckon if you’re happy, stay put. They may switch off the VDSL down the track.


VDSL2 is an alternative to FTTH,… so VDSL2 is FTTN, and that’s the sort of Modem you need for FTTN.

I’m pretty sure that’s what they are saying. It’s ALL NBN though.

Btw, I just researched a shitload of companies for a Family about to get on, and have found a great one to “Get On” with. Many say they want connection fees between 80 and up to 200 dollars to get you started, which are completely bogus as it costs literally nothing to get connected.
They also want you on long contracts to remove it, or to provide a subsidised modem etc etc.

I found a ripper offering all speeds (FTTN) NO con fees, NO contract, and one of the best D-Link VDSL2 modems on the market at a GENUINE half price, all UNLIMITED plans, and $10 off the plan cost for noobs for the 1st 5 months… Not sure if they are providers in Canberra or at your address, but it’s this mob here.

Can’t speak to their service yet, but the reviews seem pretty fkn good too, … and of course if you’re unhappy, you can switch to someone else at any time in an hour, … no muss. no fuss, and no cost, and keep your half price modem.

Truly can’t lose. :+1:


Awesome. Thank you.

Why the ■■■■ is it so complicated.


Enjoy your $50 each.


No worries. Yr welcome,…

and Tony fkn Abbott. :roll_eyes:


For reals?? :thinking:

I’m not with them, but I was thinking I might soon, even if to just get that modem at that price.


I assumed you were.
Wasn’t having a go, you’d be mad not to.
HG can refer you then, works either way.

Edit: lol! It’s your link!


Aussiebroadband here, been very helpful with resolving issues.


Yeah, but I haven’t, (and still can’t) see that??



Ahh, ok, cool. :+1:

That’s bluddy good too.


Neither did Turnbull (or maybe he did -so he worked hard to ■■■■ it up)!