Ollie Wines


He might captain us in 2 years. Would transform our midfield.

robbing peter(outside in fanta) to pay paul(ollie) might not be the go.

but he would be perfect…absolutely perfect fit for us.


Are we closer to a flag is the question?

If we can win a flag in 2 years ( keep in mind how we are playing is not a true reflection on where we should be at ) I’d take Sloane over Wines.

If not within 2 years then Wines would be a good fit also


If a gun player leaves you don’t have to give one back. We likely will be using a pick & player combo.

Raz is untouchable & Zerk will want to be retained.

It’s picks + Francis / Redman

If we don’t want to hand over 2x 1st rounders we really need Francis to show something

That said Wines surely will re-sign


redman would be wishful thinking. or he’d be a ‘ok heres our first round picks for 2 years have redman’


I mean, Dean Gore got the Dangerfield trade over the line.
Edit: which I guess is exactly what you said. So, carry on.


OUT: Dangerfield & pick 50
IN: Pick 9, 28 & Gore

Sloane certainly is not worth Danger type trade currency but will still need something decent.

Probably helped that it was Geelong or bust for him there. If Sloane says Victoria then its going to be bidding war


Have been saying for months we are zero chance. Rated very highly internally at Port, will be their next skipper and his re-signing is imminent


Yep, that is the word from his family here in Melbourne.


That in no way takes into account my wishful thinking.


We could train him with the forwards all preseason and release Stringer in the midfield.


My major concern with Ollie, well apart from his name, is that he doesn’t hate kochie as much as I do.


I hear he complains a lot.


Apparently plays on a whinge and a prayer.


Being treated quite chablis here. We’d have to go into hock to get him.



Do people still buy his furniture lols


Ahhh no they don’t they buy whats hidden in them :wink:


True it’s the only explenation why he’s still in business :wink:


It’s happening.

Chris Judd has gone with it.


Actually I just read the headline.

He’s actually saying we should go for him.