Ollie Wines


We’d make him regret his decision two rounds in.




Every club would want him.


We should very much go for him.


Edit: On the proviso he is actually considering leaving. Otherwise just nibble and concentrate on the draft.


If there is a type of player we desperately need it’s him.

And if we crush port Adelaide hearts all the better


What would get this over the line?
We have plenty of key backs, I’d give up Hurley who in turn would benefit they’re team. Probably needs a sweetener on top going to them.


Errrr no.

Picks + surplus players. You don’t weaken the side in one area to strengthen in another.

Port gave us fark all for Ryder

Cats gave 9, 29 & a nobody mid for Danger IIRC





He ain’t coming


goodbye pick 2


Can we afford missing another draft?
Hurley ain’t what he use to be, doesn’t intercept, doesn’t play on key forwards, doesn’t spoil. We also have Hooker, Ambrose, Hartley, Ridley, Gleeson, Zerk, Francis and Fletcher coming.
My opinion is that he still has value and if teams keep going smaller we’re going to have 3rd round fire sale with the names listed.


Yes we can.

Guaranteed gun 23yr old brute inside mid where there is a huge hole for on our list vs hopeful lottery draft pick. Age demographic to come through with all our 25 and under quality.

We still expect to challenge in next few years and Hurley will be a big part of it. We’ve got depth in kpd but they are mostly average.

We aren’t trading Hurley, blasphemy even speaking about it.

We’ve got picks in strong draft/ future picks, & a whole bunch of fringe classy young players, including a few South Australians to work with.

I do believe there are some very highly rated South Australians in this draft as well. Our top 10 pick will be highly sought after by Port.

That said Port can get what they are a given.



Hooker stays back. Easy.

Where do we get the points for Fletcher if we trade away our first and second round picks? Would Hurley and a second get it done? I don’t want to trade him, but unless he has a hidden injury, perhaps the saga has taken its toll on him and a change of scenery is what he needs?


His store has had the same furniture in it for years.

No idea how he’s still open.


Is he projected as an early pick? If he’s going to be outside the top 30 odd, getting enough points will be easy.


Haven’t heard anyone talk about him in the first couple of rounds. Will quite possibly fall into the match for free category (pick 56+)


Yes, yes, yes, yes… and ■■■■■■■ YES!

Pay him a truckload, 9 year 9 mill deal, give Port all our picks, Myers, Colyer, Jerrett and they can have McKernan back in Adelaide too.



In; Anthony Miles, Sloane, Wines, other players

Out: Goddard , Langford, Laverde, Colyer, Jerrett, McKernan, draft picks, Green, Myers, McNiece


a guy like wines would transform us. and orob destroy port…

add an engine room to our yacht.

we are all boat and no motor.


‘Essendon’s early season struggles have led premiership captain Chris Judd to suggest that they should pursue Port Adelaide midfielder Ollie Wines in the off-season.’

“I don’t think Ollie Wines will leave Port Adelaide but I’d be certainly asking the question if he does want to come home [to Victoria].’

hmmm, click bait. (and yes I clicked)’ :slightly_smiling_face:.