Ollie Wines


honestly what the ■■■■ would this kid or any player do for us in the immediate future ?

wines wins a contest, handballs to zaka, zaka spray it , turnover goal.

center bounce, wines wins it again, gets it to hepp, somehow while facing his own goals, hepp magically kicks the ball backwards and misses everyone by 50 meters, opposition first there and goal.

Next bounce, he gets it to myers, who blind turns and kicks straight to opposition player 5 meters away.

stoppage in defensive 50, wines wins clearence, handballs to hurley who kicks it out on the full.

qtr time in his first match, he is contemplating what the ■■■■ he has done. turns and looks at devon smith, smith with a smile on his face says welcome to the ■■■■ show, pull up a chair.


If he chose us I’d question his decision-making and pass on the grounds that he is mentally incapacitated.


Safer for us to trade for someone than take it to the draft


Wines to Smith to stringer.


Offer him a Maccas franchise


he takes a spot off one of them.
protects and takes the tagger from Zmerret.


Have no interest in Sloane - He struggles with a tag and he will suffer the same at EFC.


Will be 29 next year I think as well and starting to get injuries. If we were close to a flag and you thought he was the missing piece then yes, but we won’t be in that position.

So… Welcome to Essington Rory Sloane, 5 year deal on $900K a season!!


Yeah, reckon Sloane is slowing down, his body has taken its toll and it is showing. Will still have the odd purple patch but cant see him being AA again.

As stated above, Wines won’t be going anywhere and all Judd said was that we should chase him, not that there is any talk at either club of getting him here.


Sounds like Judd is sniffing the blue powder again.


Chris Judd can get farked.


Judd is one of the most on point media commentators out to be honest. He’s an arrogant tossbag, but he nails almost everything he speaks about.


I stand by what I said.


No reason why both posts can’t be true.


So what you are saying is while his footy IQ is very high, he is still an eye-gouging, attempted arm breaking, brown paper bag under the table accepting, son of a ■■■■■ who can go get farked?

Yeah, I agree with that.


100% summation.


He is a director of ■■■■ Carlton, when addressing Judd you have to incorporate the ■■■■, it’s part of his title.


LOL, just found this thread, people actually think Ollie is going anywhere? Ha, that’s a good one.


90% accurate. Chris forgot the pressure pointer.


Yep. Hurley and first pick. I’d do it.