Ollie Wines


Unless the player believes he is the missing detail in making us finals bound. BTW Port have hardly been great achievers.


100 times better than we have. They made a GF, we haven’t even won a final.


We’ve got the best under 25 list in comp according to various scribes

That holds us in good stead for the future when that core group is say 24-29yrs old.

This is a key reason SSS came on board for, the club is on the right track list wise. It’s about where we are headed which is what Woosh always states.

We aren’t ready right now although if aggressively trade again they will certainly be trying to make it happen quicker. The more topline players in that age bracket the better.


Not while Wines is at the club.

Sure they have played finals and we haven’t but they have severely under-achieved and don’t look like they are improving enough to make the GF any time soon under Hinckley. That might change but that might also change for us.


I did hear that. Cornes was quite critical of Port and then said they should give him a 2 week ultimatum to sign.


I like that we are going hard at players. Nabbing Wines would be the biggest [email protected] you to the tarps


Is that all?


I don’t think the extra $100K a season would be what would make him leave Port. Length of contract might. But still makes a lot more sense for him to stay with the Power for 2 years and then reassess once he hits Free Agency. If he does that, you’ll see everyone line up to get him and he has his pick of club at the peak of his career…


fark I hope we can get him. Don’t see it happening yet, if he further delays contract talks then maybe we’re getting somewhere. Would increase our midfield exponentially.


Sign where? Adelaide or elsewhere?


Anyone concerned with his disposal/goal kicking?

I have a mate that is mad Port and on their forum, and they all love his ball winning ability, but lament his turnovers.


Why would he be concerned about length of contract? hed be 28 coming out of his final year, still plenty of good footy left to offer another club.

100k over 5 years is half a million dollars. Thats heaps.


Relative to Port’s offer, that might be about 10-15% more per annum. That usually isn’t enough to get the deal done as they pretty much lose half that in tax. If the difference was 40-50% then that’s a whole lot different, or if we or any other prospective club is offering a 5+ year deal versus 3 years. If he signs a 5 year deal with the Power then you can pretty much say he will just about be a one-club player and their next captain. He stays on for 2 he’s playing a smart game and we can check back in 2020. If I was him that is what I’d do, unless he gets a Godfather offer now. He’s in a good bargaining position…


If you wanted to move to Vic 100k over Port’s offer makes it tough to say no.


+super ■■■■■


Remembering this is the bloke they plan to make captain probably as early as next year even so their offer would be pretty big.

The fact we over that by $100k if true is a fair bit. I reckon we will have no issues making it 6yr contract either.

But I also expect as per Tigers upping the ante with Dusty in last few days that Port will think they just can’t afford to lose him

In our favour is his family is in Melb. Maybe also he doesn’t want the captaincy and won’t have that pressure with Hep still in the top job for some time yet.

Would love it if he was just dicking them about about all season and always planned to leave


I highly doubt an extra 100k a year would get it done for Ollie.
Maybe an extra 250k a year and he would be well worth it.


The offer on the table would make him the highest paid player at Port at around the $800k mark


Yep that’s a biggie

And if we offering $900k makes him the highest paid player at EFC most likely as well. That’s rating him very very highly.

Vital inside mid position aside it’s worth it for Port payback and to see Kochy bleed over it.


He isn’t leaving

Plus too expensive