Ollie Wines


Unless he wants to move back to Vic, in which case it is money for jam…


I have no issue with Wines disposal - He’s not a elite kick but a rock solid kick - What interests me is he has a developed a more effective outside game in the last two years .


$800-900k is the going rate for a gun mid these days. Would have no hesitation paying that







We payed Goddard something like that for 5 years. Can’t see why we won’t hand his contract over to Wines.

If Port match add an extra year.

Still can’t see him leaving.


Worst case we make Port pay more than they wanted to. Can’t see any downside really…


Reckon 2018+2019 first would do it imo.

This reminds me of the Tom Mitchell situation with Sydney.


No farking way would you pay that.


How about 2018 1st+Francis? The bloke would transform our midfield he’s the missing piece he’s totaly worth it.


Go away! And stay out of trade discussions. Class A drongo.


If we want Wines badly then that’s the kind of trade we have to dreaming if you think we can get Wines cheap.


if Francis wants to hang around no chance. kid is gonna be special.


That is still 2 1st round picks. Wowee


More than happy to keep Francis but if Wines decides to come to Essendon and Francis needs to be involed you will do it is all I’m saying.


You have to give something to get something.


Bowling ball. Sharp as a.


EFC OUT: Ryder
EFC IN: 17 & 37

Never forget


Port won’t acept our 2018 first they will be asking at least 2 first round picks and rightfully so.


That’s true if he does leave and picks Essendon then we have the upper hand I guess.