Ollie Wines



if we can get our hands on another 2nd round pick, I’d be more willing to go 19 1st rounder, 18 second round and Redman for wines and ports third rounder. would take some serious dodoro magic so doubt they take it though


Reckon Wines was going to re-sign then Essendon came with an offer and has put a hold on Ports contract negoiations.

According to Kane Cornes Port officals were not happy with Wines comments yesterday.


good call nino.

what else do you reckon?


That’s about it

All though some one on Bigfooty claims Wines and his old man a close and he would probably be getting in his ear to come home to victoria on a big contract.


I think we may have found the new pazza.


I reckon Port loses the prelim to Richmond after being up at 3 quarter time then he chucks a Kevin Durant, joins the tigers on cheap coin and wins the next 2 premierships.


That would sh** me if it happens haha



Those 3 players would be on Essendons shopping list imo.


I reckon he’s more Dory than Nino


interesting theory.

once he is seen with a real estate agent in port melbourne we’ll know he’s over the line.


I am awaiting more bogfooty posts to be treated as gospel


What I posted is just gut feel and nothing more Wines and his old man being close is the only thing from bf


Surely we can’t get all three.


No good. GWW doesn’t have the same ring as SSS.


If we land all 3 jesus.


Cheap Wines for a third-round pick
Cheap Wines for a third-round pick
Come-on, come-on, come-on…


This sounds like last year before Dodoro put on his magical jacket.


Thank you.
I didn’t expect anyone to actually get that haha


We will be hated even more if we get all of Wines,Gaff,Wallis people hated us last year getting the SSS.