Ollie Wines


anyone got any suitable mega trades we could do?


The rest is from RSN this morning via Stevo.


gaff, wines and lyons


Dont resurrect that old story.


What about wines Mum, like why is it always close to the old man. What if he’s close to his mum, or maybe his grandma.


And a 3 day goat :rofl:


At the moment i’d happily give up our next 2 first rounders for Justin Westhoff if we also sent nino packing as part of the deal


Did you read that on bigfooty?

I wonder if Nino’s dad lives in SA.


Nino can you have a spell mate


As much as i like Wines and see him as a good fit, he’s not a top 10 mid in the AFL.


Very good player.

For 2 first rounders though you’d be expecting a superstar.


wondered why this thread was exploding. Half of it just nino, Sigh


Could francis be a carrott to assist in getting this done?


Rather get Anthony Miles for next to nothing who is a good player at VFL level and due to Tigers superior midfield just can’t get a game


It’s all about humans to you people. What if he’s close to his dog or cat or goldfish? Perhaps there’s bathroom cupboard that he misses!


Happy to take him for cheap, but not sure the number 22 clearance player in the league deserves a big deal and our high draft picks in a year where there are some real stars.

Francis should only be included if he really really wants to go and he’s likely to leave in 12 months.


Myles is exactly what we don’t need. Another mid who can win a clearance but cannot spread from the contest well enough or apply enough pressure outside the contest to be AFL standard in today’s game.



not going anywhere



We are seriously deluded if we think someone like Wines is the “missing piece” to our midfield. Dangerfield alone isn’t the missing piece, need more than Wines to fix our midfield.


If that is what is happening, that would be a bad move by us (IMO). Because it will also cost us our 2018 and 2019 first rounders (maybe a 2018 2nd rounder back). No way he goes for less than Treloar did, which was two firsts with a second returning. Similar cost to Mitchell.

Much better to use that money on a RFA (cough, Gaff, cough), where their club may not match. Dangerfield is the only time to my knowledge a club has matched. Even then, Dangerfield + #50 only cost Geelong #9, #28 and a fringe player. Less than Wines would cost.