Ollie Wines


Given Disco not afraid to play chicken I’m not sure it will come to that because if he wants to come to Melb then Blues would be sitting there in PSD

Port would have to buckle. And since we did too for Ryder in the end fark them.

In saying that our 2018 1st and the GWS 2nd plus fringe SA player like Redman maybe with a pick back to us perhaps should get it done. Not too different to the Danger trade you mentioned.

Our trading last year in the face of what everyone thought could and couldn’t get done and for what should give us confidence that we wouldn’t give up the farm for anyone.


Hawthorn Mitchell? He was only pick 14 and a swap of picks 52 & 57…so basically just pick 14.


Sorry, I meant O’meara. Mitchell’s cost was ridiculously low, which everyone except Sydney new at the time.


O’Meara in the end was just pick 10 and a 2nd rounder wasn’t it? GC buckled

Hawks just had to give up their next years first to give them another first in that current year since they were targeting two players in Mitchell and JOM and the respective clubs didn’t want future firsts which Saints capitalised on.

They def didn’t give up two firsts for JOM


Superior on the outside, yes, but we beat them convincingly on the inside last weekend. We also beat Geelong and GWS on the inside.

So, do we actually need another inside bull? I would suggest we keep our options open on Wines until October and see how the midfield develops in the second half. Stringer may become a mid that is even better than Wines


The cost to Hawthorn was a 1st rounder and three second rounders to get a low enough pick.


weren’t Port in salary cap problems only a few years back?

even if he’s not interested in us, at least we are making Port pay up for him.


Yeah but that’s only as they were using their own low first rounder on Mitchell already yes?

And needed another one desperately to ensure could get JOM of which Saints saw an opportunity.

If it’s only Wines we were after we will have a low first rounder already (should be a top 10), and in a very strong draft stacked with SA talent


Sorry but you are dreaming its never gonna happen.


I can’t believe I’ve gone a day without hearing Ninos thoughts on this. I’m having withdrawals


I don’t think Wines is worth anywhere near what Danger was. Arguable, I know.


Anyone have a clue mid/late 2017 we were looking at the SSS combo?

Maybe we are balls deep into someone we are least expecting?


Christ I hope not!


I agree with you.

But as a F/A slightly different thing, they worked together to come to a mutually happy spot but Port will dig their heels in for sure.


Really unfortunately, we helped out when they didn’t have to pay for Ryder of Monfries when they were suspended.

Freed up quite a bit for them to spend.


Hmmm, first rounder in a super draft for a 24 yr old (as of the beginning of next season) who continues to disappoint me in SuperCoach land? Not sure he’s worth it


There is not a chance in hell Dodoro and Keane are trading out of the first round of this years draft IMO.


I disagree

We were aggressive last year and it netted us 3 x 23/24 yr olds. Who’ve been able to impact immediately and be in our best players.

We will be buoyed by that and the fact players now want to come to EFC

Using a top 10 pick in the draft on an unknown quantity that may end up a bust & takes years to develop vs as part of a trade for a proven gun in Gaff (25) or Wines (23) who will instantly improve our side enormously for 8yrs+ is a no brainer.

X & Woosh have said we are aggressively trying to get a flag as quick as possible. Ready made talent that adds to our core under 25 group will do that.


I’d be very surprised if EFC traded out of a strong draft - You can’t continually give up first round draft picks - Two in two years is stretching it.


But this disregards the likes of Langford, Guelfi, Clarke etc that we’ve been putting work into for the last couple of years? We already writing them off?