Ollie Wines


We have kept them for the past forever and it hasn’t really borne fruit. Stringer, Saad and Smith is arguably our best trade/draft ever.


we could probably weasel it as the 19 1st rounder if the supplementary pieces fell into place.


So Port caved and coughed up more cash then?


I’m not sure why he’d want to play for us.


FFS Xavier OK I’ll do it this one more time


Wines is a gun
Just what we need
Very tempting to trade our first draft choice


Ok after tonight’s performance this is a player we are really needing in our team. Throw him a decent size contract and watch him take it to the next level with Merrett and Heppell by his side.


Dustin Martin used to always disappoint me in SuperCoach land…


Probably for the same reason Smith, Saad, Stringer wanted to play for us.


We’d finished in the finals with a youngish list and people thought we were on the way up?


He is the perfect player to add to our side, 6 year 950k, give Port two first rounders and late pick swap.


Yeah, not only is he the sort of player we are sorely lacking, but he would likely make every other member of the midfield better, especially Zach. He’d also set the tone in terms of physicality and intensity; another area we struggle with. He is almost the perfect recruit.


He is a star.

What’s being said by him has changed IMO

There was a clip early in year where he was saying to supporters/members not to worry he’s very happy there and will all get sorted

This has changed to literally only a week or so ago saying if there was ever a time to move clubs it would be now and also no timeline on him making decision.

If we for example are saying we’ll give him $100k/yr more than Port will offer… and if they raise we raise etc. And other clubs also would be into him. It’s obviously got him thinking.

Port would be getting very nervous

Dusty held his nerve and Tigers buckled in end so perhaps it’s about maximizing also


imo he isnt going anywhere, he said last night after the game that he was happy at port and that “one day he might wake up and sign the contract”

to me it sounds like port has an offer there for him, and hes just making port sweat a bit


I’d be trying to blow them out of the water with longevity, give him 2 extra years on the big coin. I’d also be front loading as much as possible. From previous report with ports acquisitions and other stars, Ryder, Grey, Boak, Westoff, Wingard they are tight on cap space. Whilst they would have factored in him on big coin, they may not have on the top end scale.


They would have close to the most cap space in the comp.


Are we even allowed to trade away our next two first rounders?


Who knows whats going on with all the negotiation via media. Perhaps someone has put a contract in front of him that is making him rethink; and Port’s PR is putting out positive vibes to put pressure on him whilst calming their rabid fans


You need to take 2 1st round picks in a 4 year period. We could do this:
2015 - Francis, Parish
2016 - McGrath
2017 - traded
2018 - trade
2019 - use pick
2020 - use pick

Or we could somehow get another pick this year and trade 2019 and 2020 for players as the list is peaking.


aren’t they along with us, the only clubs who did not write in a pay rise into the players contracts when the new CBA was done.