Ollie Wines


Can’t think of a player that suits our needs more than Ollie! Assuming we get Stringer, would we have the cap space to attract another big name?


Think you’re right. Apart from Goddard no other player on substantial money retiring next 2 years. Plus you’d think next contracts for z.merrett, Parish, Joe, Fantasia etc will put a bit more pressure on our salary cap.




You know what to do if he laughs though right?


At the end of 2018 Boak is going to offer Wines the captaincy to make sure he stays.


Getting Wines out of Port. Am I the last person to realise the pun of having someone called “Wines” at a club called “Port”?


Zero and I mean zero chance of him leaving Port.
Already been anointed captain for the next 10 years and will be their highest paid player by a bit. Has a radio and TV gig already to earn coin outside the cap also


Don’t ruin our fun.


Well, Port are a stain of a club so you do get the Port Wines Stain.


Vintage comedy!


With Dodoro at his peak, frankly I can’t see us not getting him.


I de-claret it to be amongst my best.
Hopefully Port treat him quite chablis this season and he wants to leave, as long as we don’t have to go into hock to get him.


Who asked you?


End thread.


Hodge had to change the title of his book…

Things change.

Also, make no mistake, things aren’t all roses down at Port and I’m not sure their three recruits will improve their culture


I have also heard 2nd hand from a drunk Reid (Vince’s wedding) that Sloane will sign before the 2018 season begins.
Some important crow fans have had enough losing gun players.


He’s old, don’t want anyhow


… and he’s getting older. :open_mouth:


Despite getting ahead of themselves, you’d have to think Dangerfield would have made a pretty big difference GF day this year.


They have Bryce Gibbs now