Ollie Wines


oh bravo @Allblack That got a hearty chuckle.


L Thomas will be at Port for next season done deal.


Ollie: But I told everyone I wanted to be a 1 club man.
Me: Well now you can be…at the best club man!


source? thats hilarious if its true


It was on C7 news last night.


Why on earth would Port want Thomas?


To play SANFL and I think they have a role for him in the indigenous program


Hopefully in Coober Pedy or Lightning Ridge.

Oh…I thought you said hole, not role.


A sponsor of Port told me.


Wines contract talks on hold for now. Bugger it I’m going lid off for 19. WSPHU


Exactly the type of midfielder we need






Let’s not get a big head of ourselves here.


Turning footy’s into Wines


I’m sure by lunch time tomorrow Blitz will have several options on the table for how we pick him up. Beats talking about Francis and Laverde doom and gloom


Franga, Laverne and 1st rounders for wines.


Package him up with John Butcher


surely we can’t afford the $ for a guy like this. Forget about it and just keep our talented blokes. Our list is good enough now


Acemans boy