Ollie Wines


Bring him in!




Um, no.
No, no, no, no, no, no.


If we can’t get Sloane as a F/A then get him.

Fark Port.

Flag aside, nothing would make the collective EFC family happier than taking their touted future captain away after their Ryder efforts.


Fantasia and Franga for Wines?






I’d do it in a heartbeat. Fills an area of dire need.


Get him. GET HIM.

But leave Fanta out of it.


Kidding yourself.

The point is to improve the list. Raz is a fkn star & will be in the All Australian conversation soon enough, no way does that happen.

Just ban him now mods would ya!


I’ve always considered Fantasia coverable. Particularly with Smith coming into the team.


Are you trolling, or actually serious?


Serious. He’s a great player, but it’s not like we are without pacy forwards ■■■ mids these days. If it meant getting wines and filling the Watson shaped hole in the midfield I’d quite happily do it


not a single game has been played yet this year, how does anyone know what sort of supposed holes we may or may not have in the list ?

I’d rate raz more important to our current side than wines, and he hasn’t exactly been that great, just cos you see more coverage of him cos his head is in every frame of the coverage, doesn’t actually mean he plays that great.

He’s a good players, but nothing out of the ordinary great, to the extent you’d have to give up for him.


Fantasia is arguably a better player than wines right no. No thanks


Looking at our performances last year and factoring in the players we have recruited.


Raz ain’t going nowhere. Highly rated internally, now in leadership group and by all reports wants to take us to a flag along with junior and Joey.


Wines is overrated. Stringer is going to don’t argue his ■■■ then boot a goal from the center square. He’ll then turn to Raz, point at him and wink…Raz will have a small tear in his eye, thinking he’s got my back (unlike you turds that would trade him).


If wines is overrated then so too is Orazio- both had impeccable careers, and for mine it comes down to simply losing a player in an area we now have excess, and getting a player of similar ability in an area of dire need


We finally have a power forward line and Orazio is a key reason for its potency.
We finally get that small-quick-can find the goals forward-with attitude we’ve been lacking for years and the suggestion is to lose him. I don’t think we can pull him out and expect it to continue as is. You see excess, I see a unique player. Where you see excess I see depth in goal scorers. And a list needs depth to cover for injuries and loss of form. We know how quickly things can turn to crap injury / form wise. Plus Orazio is not a one trick pony who will be “useful” with the midfielders. We should hang on to our guns for now.