Ollie Wines


Even if that was so. The draft is still a risk!

We would 100% take a ready made known gun who physically can impact immediately and is in the age demographic we have been targeting of recent times over hoping to draft someone equivalent at pick 12-18 who “might” end up as good.

We want to win a flag in 2019-21 whilst Hooker an Hurls are still about we go after Wines.

Langford. LAV. Begley … or Stringer for that matter have proven nothing as inside mids.

Sloane would likely be preferable short term as an unrestricted F/A but as a far as long term goes Wines would be a massive get for our team.


If it hadn’t been for the saga (well the players getting banned to be precise) he would have been playing for us already.


With our drafting history (top 10 or so) I would rather trade it for Wines.

Doubt he will leave though.


Can you elaborate a little more FB?


Wines, along with Clayton Oliver and Matt Crouch are the top 3 best young contested ball inside mids in the league. Yes we need him.


Is Wines better than Heppell?



you’re not a good negotiator


Depends who I’m negotiating with.


Yep. OK. I’ll take that.


Wines is a better clearance player IMO but his foot skills are pretty poor and nowhere near Dyson’s IMO. Even regular Port supporters say how much Wines burns it by foot


Am I the only one who’d go Wines over Cripps every day of the week?


No. I debated this with my mate who works in club land. He reckons Wines.

I think wines has more tricks. But I think Cripps will be the highest clearance winner over the next decade. That to me puts him a little higher.


Right now no.

If I put my second eye in right now and you could only pick one for your club moving forward. It would be Wines pretty easily.


Fair enough.
I think about it like this: Swap them around.
would Cripps get al those clearances if he was playing in a side with another clearance midfielder?
Would Wines get more clearances if he didn’t have to compete with Gray & Ebert & co?


On last year’s form? Or in actuality.
Cos in 2017 Hep was urgh, so you’d have to go Wines. In reality, still might be Wines.

Wines is 2? years younger too?



Good joke here.


Actuality. Last year’s form is fairly obvious.

But if you put Heppell’s best year (2014) against Wines (2017) best year… There isn’t much in it in terms of clearances and contested stuff, but Heppell has him covered in most other aspects I reckon.

Also, the interesting similaritiy between their respective best seasons, is Paddy Ryder putting the ball down their throat. Would wines dominate clearances with TBell’s clunky delivery?

Oh, and I’d take Cripps over Wines in a heartbeat.


All good points. Different style of player, Wines more direct/aggro; Heppell more cruisy, they’re both very very good… I feel like I should continue arguing.m

Although I’ll throw one other thought in, TBell’s ruckwork got a lot less clunky last year. Very very impressive. First year he’s convinced me he’s a ruckman.


If we worried about being beaten up around the ball and Hep not having the size to go against the Josh Kennedy’s and co then that is a non event with Wines. He’s a tank. Huge quads Jobe esque.

There is a definite worry with Langford that he isn’t aggressive enough or willing to throw his weight around. Wines also does all of that.

Having both Stringer & Wines busting the ball out of contested situations and feeding out to our classy runners and ball users would be amaze.


Does the club have cap space? After last years efforts they might be cooling their jets for a year or 2? But wouldn’t it be great to bring in another talent (and p_ss off opposition supporters in the process)!