Online Xmas Purchases

I’m 0-2.

Australia Post have somehow lost my item somewhere between Welshpool - Wangara and don’t know where it is and Fastway Couriers sent my other item to Perth, Tasmania. From there no one can tell me where it now is or where it is going. Item #1 was purchased at the start of December, item #2 in Novemeber.

I simultaneously can and can’t believe it.


Welshpool is popular… my item from the Bombershop came to Hobart via there

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I have ordered two things but both have come completely smashed. Startrack express post deliveries.


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Sorry about that, but it was a very long trip.

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Well, I’m all right, Jack. All my stuff has got here.

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Good old Startrac couriers . Can remember getting an nice surround sound amp as a a replacement for one that was stolen. Never arrived, mysteriously disappeared after pick up. Startrac feedback “don’t know, don’t care, bad luck”. Seriously.

Fastway are ■■■■■■ inept

Just came back from their depot (nevermind the delivery cockups), with a line of 15+ people, was taking an hour+ to find a package, some angry crew down in port melbs

That stuff goes via Road freight so the parcels could could be crammed into a cage with 2-4 other cages stacked on top. Can be “handled” a dozen times or more in the process so fragile items can be damaged. The insurance process can be a long drawn out affair also unfortunately.

I’m still waiting for 5 items ordered (and paid for) 12 days ago. Still two delivery days to go so still have a sliver of hope…

Only happy tales this year.
Brand new Juve kit direct from the store with all badging and lettering only cost $95 including freight from Italy and arrived on Monday. Retails around $120 here without the lettering which is an extra $40-50.
Also had my sons brand new cricket bat arrive from the UK on Wednesday, handmade GM Purist LE. Ordered it about 3 months ago but took the factory until about 2 weeks ago to complete the order, 4 days to arrive from the UK. He is happy though as they are unavailable in Australia

Mrs Doe’s experience with them for parcels says they are rubbish.

Must say both of the sender’s have covered replacement for both items without question. Just send a photo.

Let’s see how the new ones arrive…

The house in 1 metre from footpath, explicit orders not to leave boxes by front door. 9/10 are left by front door. ■■■■ auspost.

Ours mostly good. However the Woolworths free home mini (order over $300) has still not arrived after 1 month. I’ve called a few times and they have nfi. They even had me calling Google home support and I had to spell Woolworths out to them very s l o w l y.

What compounds my shttiness is how the company that you purchased from distances themselves from the delivery process. I paid you dckheads to deliver my item, how about YOU send multiple emails or spend an hour or two on hold with the delivery morons only to be disconnected when the f-stick on the other end of the phone tries to connect you to a more ‘appropriate’ department? And why do I continue to be disappointed when I get cut off? After all, they can’t do their core business of delivering things, why should I expect them to be able to handle transferring a telephone call?

“It’s got nothing to do with us, sir” Ahhh, yes, it does. I FARKING PAID YOU TO DELIVER IT!


Good experiences for me this year. All packages arrived and are wrapped. I was concerned about what I had purchased given I bought everything whilst high on fentanyl, but pleasantly surprised nothing was outrageous.


can you be concerned when on the good stuff?

Ask bobshearman to sort it out for you. Understand he has a bit of free time now.


Do you pay extra for this request?
AP is in the process of initiating an extra charge for parcels that are requested not to be left at premises

Have you tried not living in a place that isn’t a hole?