Online Xmas Purchases

Apparently my Christmas present from my wife is due to be delivered on Christmas Day. Yeah sure.

It’s fkg registered sign for stuff

It’s very nice here. It’s the delivery process that is sh*t.

I send goods all around the country with Auspost & the vast majority arrive safely. Every now & then though you have an experience that just seems to defy logic. Every parcel is clearly marked “fragile” & this way up but we’ve had customers show us boxes delivered upside down, with obvious damage & stock leaking out of the box. You would have to be blind not to see its unfit for delivery but they do it anyway. Then there was the time the driver was smart enough to carelessly throw the boxes he’d just picked up from us into his van right in front of our factory where we all saw him - what a moron!!

Not good, unfortunately the drivers are paid a pittance and are severely under the pump so will often drop it and run

You can lodge a dispute with AusPost letters/parcels that aren’t delivered etc. I have had to lodge quite a few unfortunately. Most recent case was paying for express postage and signature on delivery and item arrived 2 weeks later and was chucked over the fence. They send a money order cheque for the inconvenience.

I know someone - a nice guy who works with Australia Post in the call center.
The amount and level of abuse he cops is disgraceful.
So…don’t shoot the messenger.

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Aus post are a pretty scummy mob to work for by all reports.
The CEO makes a lot of money.
Which is nice.

Yeah agree. However his biggest issue is dealing with an ever increasing abusive public.

I don’t call up or be abusive. I do it online and understand it’s not their fault.

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All the couriers subcontract people out, pay bottom dollar, set silly targets, and generally treat people pretty poorly
Aus Post, Startrack, Toll, DHL, you name it.

And you’re probably not getting geniuses applying to work in those jobs either.

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Would be a horrendous job. You’d be copping ■■■■ from all sides.

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Usually the ones at the bottom of the scale are treated terribly. The Primary contractor who “owns” the area will often contract out smaller areas to sub contractors who get paid a pittance and treated poorly. The Primary contractor might get as much as $3.50 per parcel and pay the sub contractor as little as $1.20 a parcel. Quite a few Primary contractors have multiple areas and employ multiple sub contractors.

Aus Post and Startrack ( i call them startrek ) are the same company .

I saved all the hassles ,this year and bought gift cards . Too easy and less stress .

I also bought a STAN gift card for myself for Xmas and Australias biggest telco have given me a better present . Very slow internet speeds that dont cater for streaming . Plus all the kids on holidays are cramming up the internet . Happens every holiday season .

Yes, Startrack was purchased by Australia Post a couple of years ago but they operate differently ie Startrack will deliver their own parcels only whereas AP will deliver Post parcels and Startrack items. The contractors that are employed by Startrack are well looked after and earn a decent wage.

Startrack and AP seem to be closer than that, the large warehouse/delivery centre in Tullamarine has both company logos all over it.

Yes, Startrack is owned wholly by AP and all workers fall under the AP umbrella.
Both still have their own warehouses and distribution centres though and whilst some facilities are shared they still don’t wholly mix. As I said earlier AP will deliver post, parcel post etc and Startrack parcels whilst the Startrack drivers only deliver Startrack parcels.

Did you pay by Bitcoins?

That’s not what I heard.

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