Oops, maybe a $2 Million fine for "bringing the game into disrepute"?


This has nothing to do with morality or whether someone is married or single. It is about power and women being treated as objects. There do not appear to be any females in positions of authority on the AFL staff list.


So a woman who consents to a relationship is being treated as an object? What the fark…



Don’t underestimate that the women in this situation aren’t just as manipulative and money hungry.

There are also certain types of women that are as bad as men.


The ultimate issue here is that the AFL clearly has a massive internal cultural issue. Senior staff thought they could get away with treating their junior female staff with minimal respect. To me this all born out of the culture to sweep any issues within the industry straight under that massive rug at AFL House. They clearly thought they were above accountability and expected their mate Gil would just get his broom out as per usual.


In other news, women also like to root…


It is about women on the staff being treated as colleagues in the workplace.


People think it is, but this is a silly perspective from modern day feminism that basically says women are always objectified, and that we have no autonomy in these situations. It’s either rape, or she wants it.

Also if the shoe were on the other foot, i.e. man sleeping with a female boss, would anyone say that man had been objectified? This absolutely happens by the way.


There are no women in positions of power in the AFL staff organisation. Perhaps Gil could address the reasons for that.


Also have spoken to someone who was briefed by the AFL on Friday who confirmed that Liz Lukin did strategically release the Hird - Norm Smith story on Thursday. Hardly surprising, but interesting to have it actually confirmed.


This is what is really ■■■■■■■ me off ATM with the AFail and the media. Anytime the AFail want a distraction they resort to anything Hird related as they know the masses go feral. And the media are either too stupid or complicit to react objectively. No one in the media bothers to challenge the timing of this ■■■■, nor the impact that it may have on the Hird family and by extension the Essendon family.


Sarah Lukin is really good at her job, it must be said.


I think she is very good at reading the level of intelligence (or lack thereof) of the general football following public.


Libellous Lizzy Lukin would have a plethora of saga or Hird related material in her bottom draw. No doubt we will see some more when/if the Jackson Taylor case proceeds.




Agreed. Her job is to be a parasitic piece of ■■■■.



Few people jumping to conclusions in here


Is that a spitroast?


So you never rooted any woman that you worked with ?

I worked at places where if you sucked colleagues for having affairs ie rooting each other, then you would have nearly 100% staff turnover.

Hell, my past two wives including the current Mrs Fox were former work colleagues.

To suggest that an employer has a role as the morality police is frightening.


Liz Lukin is unhappy to Caro!

Whoever wins. We lose.