Oops, maybe a $2 Million fine for "bringing the game into disrepute"?




So who is the third? And will it be revealed before or after Ol Gil goes to the TDF?


Well it is the AFL’s business. Because they are part of it.
If your stamping car panels for a living, maybe your theory applies.
But in a role for the AFL like that, you have a mixed deep social relationships in and outside the organisation ie: he slept with a co-worker (probably below him in the hierarchy… big no no), cheating on his wife who is most likely friends with other executives wives who attend functions often with there husbands in there role. There Children may even be friends and go to the same schools.

Essentially that blended social/work is part of the job in such a roll, and at that point it is untenable.


Not that there was ever any doubt remaining but SWSNBN follows up her soften them up leak with “AFL head comes of age with string of tough decisions”. Couldn’t make it up…well, you could, and she does.


■■■■■■■ disgusting that they try to peddle the Hird norm smith stuff out on the same day to lessen the blow through the media.

These guys would make a political party’s spin machine look like amateurs.


Kurtley Beale, eh? Isn’t it amazing what happens when dirt is unearthed by media folks who are not AFL-accredited and hence can’t be threatened with it being revoked???


What a strange response to the question…


“I have to check with my Lie Expert - I’ll get back to you on that one, Ger.”


Anyone still thinks the AFL understands the concept of “right or wrong”?



AFL Head Office in crisis

So what does the CEO do?

Head off to France tonight to see guys in lycra shorts riding around


So there’s been rumours for a while apparently, it only became an issue once the AFL lost control of the message and the guys had to go, and they drag Hird into on the day the floggiest of flogs goes on a holiday. Weak as ■■■■.


The response to a question without giving a response.

The preferred response, we look after our own and promote accordingly


More AFL sleaze being reported overnight, some of seemingly sourced from AFL female staff. Sounds like a toxic culture, with Gil overseeing it in his three plus years at the helm.
Spin may be spinning out of control.


Lets hope that the trickle becomes a torrent and the dam then bursts, and along with all the outpouring of the sexist sleaze one or some of the disgruntled let any and all inside info on our & Hirdy’s stitch up spew forth too.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic? Just sit down and watch the whole house of cards fall, and then burst into flames.


Does she make it up?
Or does she just write what she’s been “leaked”


he’s the worst media performer ever, sounds like he has the personality of a wet brick. at times i often wonder if he’s stoned, drunk or just a cretin who’s somehow suckholed his way to the top.


Simon Lothario-lean and ■■■■ Rimkiss.

Edit: Dammit… swear filter!


SAVING YOU A CLICK: Consenting adults (18+ years) ■■■■■■.



Every time he speaks I think of the Dunning-Kruger effect


God knows what the real “dodgy” behaviour was in this situation, and god knows what that piece of ■■■■ Gillon actually gets up to in real life. These people are bad, these people are scum.

Also on a side note, I just happened to be watching Postcards for a few minutes this morning, the presenters I saw were Rebecca Judd, and Alex Rance. These ■■■■■ have too much influence.