Oops, maybe a $2 Million fine for "bringing the game into disrepute"?


Unfortunate typo, there.


Probably a typo, but could have been Freudian.


I still don’t see any issue with this if no one was harassed, pressured and it was a case of two consenting adults having some fun. They didn’t report directly into each other during the day (after hours was a different story :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) so what’s the big deal?

Actually I have an issue with the fact that some were in relationships, but that’s an issue for their respective families, not the workplace.

I’m pretty sure there was an article last year about how many relationships start at work and it was around 30%! We have quite a few in our workplace and it’s not an issue at all.


Took way too long for that to come up.

I don’t get why the AFL are getting the media scrutiny of a public office in this whole bizzo. As others have said, there’s workplace affairs everywhere all of the time. Why is everyone jumping up and down about it happening in the AFL in particular?


My understanding is a report alleged use of office position to gain an advantage not just that a couple of people were having an affair.




Took way too long for anyone to get it.

See? Way off.


Maybe the technology is new to people?


May be the AFL is playing the morality card to deflect from fundamental problems in the culture of the organisation which Gil was supposed to correct. Dorothy Hisgrove was brought in to assist in resolving HR issues. She came and went, the problems remain, but Lukin’s PR strategy appears to be working.


Nailed it. Huge cultural issues due to their selective ways of handling sensitive matters.


It’s funny to think the AFL would be over-playing this.


It’s a roast something. Chicken maybe?


It’s an S Impson reference


I see. People still watch The Simpsons?


They still did in 1994.



He’s from Perth, Simpson’s haven’t made it to their tv’s yet


Troughs, pigs, snouts.[quote=“Bacchusfox, post:201, topic:10959”]
Hell, my past two wives including the current Mrs Fox were former work colleagues.
Are you making the case for or against?


Are boss’s daughters OK?


Much better place to meet people, better than the pub or some friend of a friend.

You just need to keep sifting through until you find the gems! Thank god and the Labor Party for no fault divorce !