Oops, maybe a $2 Million fine for "bringing the game into disrepute"?


True on the whole, but nonetheless it’d do my heart good to see his wife kick him to the curb and move out taking half of everything he owns with her.


When Gil goes I don’t want it to be for a garden variety affair. I want it to be for massive criminal activity that implodes spectacularly - and I want Fitzprick and Fat Andy to go down with him. Is that really too much to ask?


Don’t kill my buzz man


Seems fair and reasonable.


Will become known as the, ‘Weinstein principle’.


Would be a bit ironic if he does go out this way.

Only reason he got to this position is his wife. He married the Spotless chairman, with the CEO of spotless being Ron Evans. You can’t tell me that connection didint assist his career advancement.


Offices are hot beds of relationships of all different sorts. Gee, your colleague Biggles had it off with Kernot who then left the Democrats to join the ALP. It happens more often than what the public believes. I don’t see the reason to publicise it. Let the companies sort out the issue. Reckon bullying in the workplace is a more important issue.


Do you Reckon his Dad, Ian McLachlan ex head of the NFF, as well as being a behind the scenes powerbroker of the S.A. Liberal party, has no influence or connections to help his son.


Sure it happens but it is rare.


For the record, Ian McL ( former federal MInister) is the uncle, not to deny Gil’s connections.
If Gil goes, Dillon should be next in draining the swamp. Contrast Dilon’s approach in his prosecution of Hird and co with that of the ABCC lawyer who resigned because of his boss’s misdeeds.


Gil can do what ever he wants. All he has to do is ask the media to **take out the bits he doesn’t need, and add in more of what he wants ** to suit his story. From a live destroying, twisted evil ■■■■, to an upstanding citizen, hell why not Australian of the year.

He is in a position where he can get away with pretty much anything. If true this is a ■■■■ in the ocean compared to what he has done to others throughout the saga. If the world was a fair and just he would be rotting in jail.


Oh me too. But I’ll take what i can get. And the more scandals that attach to him, the more enemies he makes, the weaker his position gets, and the more people who might be willing to spill the beans to sink him forever.

You didn’t think it was COINCIDENCE that Vlad’s dodgy education rorts firm only started getting any media attention once he was out of the AFL and not in a position to retaliate any more, did you?

There’s rarely a silver bullet for these big bastards. You’ve got to take them down slowly, slice by slice. breaking the first scandal is always the hardest cos everyone’s afraid of them, but once you reach a critical mass it’s a torrent as all the rats who’ve known all about his dodgy ■■■■ for years start to abandon the sinking ship, and sell him out to save their own hides, or in a vain attempt to pretend they had any journalistic integrity. Exhibit A: Weinstein, H.


so is this just bullish scuttlebutt or for real?


Who knows but I’m sure blitz could spread the rumour around pretty fast even if it’s not true


Man 3 can tell the ‘communications specialists’ what to write, so that it becomes the accepted truth.
Therefore, he didn’t do anything.


My guess is it’s for real. I am surprised anyone gives a stuff.


People in glass houses should close their blinds before removing their trousers. The AfL peddled a lot of lies about the Hird family private lives. It should not matter, but the AFL has made an art of it.


Exzacary, it is very common right across our society. Nothing new here.


So nothing to see here then?


Bit off topic but I was doing a u turn in the CBD the other day a pedestrian came from out of nowhere and I had to slam the breaks on the avoid hitting him.

After i’d come to a halt I realised it was ol mate AD himself.

Good thing I have such good reflexes, or a bad thing maybe.