Operation Human Shiel


OK, so we need to make sure this bloke feels the bomber love.
I am going to ramp up the efforts to chat with him and put a heap of Essendon gear in his hands.

I see him most days, what’s the plan blitzers?


Give him an Amart voucher


AOD9604 and some BETA.


You spelt his name correctly. That’s a good start.


Step 1 : don’t do what you said
Step 2 : stay out of Dodoro’s way
Step 3 : …
Step 4 : profit


Will you give him a Modric top too?


Tell him #9 is available so he’ll get to sit next to Franga in the locker room every day.


Nothing, but keep talking to him about Devon Smith.


This sounds like it may end in an intervention order


Depends whether Smith is as annoying to his teammates as the opposition…


Try and include the word “Bomber” or some similar variation in as much casual conversation with him as possible.

Then let the power of subliminal messages do their work.


Tell him if he goes to Hawthorn he only has a couple of years before they move him on like they do to all their champions. Essendon on the other hand keeps people around a good 2-3 years extra.


Just play the Essendon club song as you’re walking past. That should do the trick


Tell him we are a very open and liberal club, we even allow shisha to be smoked at our vfl games.


Nice Bomber jacket Dylan


Get a Bombers jumper made with Shiel written on the back and just walk past him, wink, and keep walking. Repeat.


Tim Watto reckons he’s going to Hawthorn.


Tell him we have free airport parking for away games.


tell him that we vow to never do a flash mob again.


tell him
you’re never gonna leave him