Operation Human Shiel


That will suck


He even LOOKS like a Hawthorn player - I know that makes no logical sense, but he just does.


He and O’Meara


Nixon is the biggest “have a bet each way” type goof around. I remember when he predicted last year that the Tigers wouldn’t be as bad as everyone thought (most had them low on the ladder after their poor end to 2016), he predicted them to finish about 6th-7th but he carried on as if he tipped them to win the flag…


Yep 100%


He continually takes the pi$$ out of Richmond on twitter with Rance being his no1 target, tiges fans take the bait every time.


It makes complete sense. He’s got Hawthorn all over his face


Sit tight, be Brasha.





If your daughter was tied to Dylan and you wanted them to be rich wouldn’t you say “yeah they love it where they are.”

Code for. “Show him a big fkn contract and they will think about moving.”

I’d say there is nothing to read into Chocos statement.


I’d say there’s absolutely nothing to be gained from listening to AFL Radio.


I hate Essendon champs on as low brow media types.im looking at you matty and Timmy.


You’re definitely not allowed to hate Timmy…so I hate you!!! :kissing:


I don’t hate them I just hate the fact they’re reduced to banal observations and scuttlebutt to fit in with the BOB theme of the shows.
Love them as dons and are both nice blokes to talk to, although I wouldn’t discuss the finer points of astrophysics with Matty.


Matty was a very good footballer…


Lucky for him.
He’s a very nice bloke tho.
Apart from his media stuff the only other thing that annoys me is he didn’t get Mitchell


Yep. Agreed. I still watch that replay and wonder how he got Sewell so well.


Haven’t seen a heap of Shiel play… his kicking appears a bit iffy on a small sample size. Is it an issue?


Didn’t / couldn’t get into the game at all. At ball ups kept running to the wrong spots. Disposal hurried / poor (44% efficiency. Had an ordinary game. I guess the team were under the pump all night but still. Maybe just had one of those games?