Operation Human Shiel


Wash your mouth out!




Double Hmmm




Ahhh, Laverde’s extended for 2 so all good there. Green’s gone. Baguley might be gone if Essendon land the big fish or 2. Can’t see Hartley being shipped off. Developing big man who is still only 25


Perhaps the dominoes haven’t fallen our way and hence that extra bit of cap space has started the re-signings.


That’s a good idea, let’s sell Myers.


That’s what Solomon Lew said, Myers shares are slowing moving towards the bottom rung.


Let’s be honest here, a midfield gun or two in the trade period is necessary for us to move past a Myers. It shouldn’t be a Langford or Parish that makes way. The sooner we move past Myers, is when we’ll be on our way to the brighter side of the mediocrity tunnel. FWIW, I’ve heard we’ve put a lot of work into Shiel over a period of time and he’s NOT hawthorn’s target, despite the media reports. There’s a long way to go before trade period.


I would have thought a younger cheaper key position forward would be the hawks target if they are sending Roughhead on his way. Or maybe they have some good kids on their list pressing for Roughys spot?

With Mitchell, O’meara they look pretty good in the guts. I guess Bourgogne is gone and Cyrils unexoectedly retired. So cashed up


Roughie may not be that easy to move. I heard him say he wanted to be a ONE club player and he has got a year to run on his contract. However, Clarko might say, see’ya Roughie. Depends on how their trades go and who they get or don’t get.


Think their Cyril and Bourgoyne money would pay for a player.


I’m hearing they’re keen on outside run. Smith and Henderson have been their wingers, O’Meara and Mitchell win it in close but outside speed and delivery forward is what they’re after. Apparently they believe the new rules will lend itself to that style of play and with Gunston, Breust, Puopolo and co forward, they think they can manufacture scores if they get clean ball. Gaff fits that profile nicely and might not require a trade. You are right though about Roughy, he looks almost done. Ditto Frawley IMO & with several others 30 or more next year, McEvoy, Stratton, Smith, Birchall, Burgoyne, Henderson etc all 30 or more, there’ll be plenty of gaps to fill.


Do they want Trav Colyer


The Scully whispers continue to linger, I’d imagine the Hawks would be right into him.


What Burgoyne money?



Splitting up the Couch brothers? Zero chance.


I hardly think they still need to hold each other’s hands & read each other bed time stories at night.


He will go end of next year, swap in coniglio as a RFA


So, Hawks leading the race for Shiel according to Nixon who’s mail is pretty good … supposedly