Operation Human Shiel


Just looked it up, the food looks really good. Might pop in on Saturday.


How’s HeraldSun’s form? Carnts can’t let there be a good news Essendon story…


I would go hep and Zerrett are better.
He is on par with Zaha and Smith for mine. Very good, not (quite) great.


It will be interesting to see where his price lands. GWS is saying via the media that they are only interested in picks, so at a level that simplifies things. You would think:

  • Our first bid: #9
  • Their first bid: #9 + 2019 first

Some similarlish trades:

  • Treloar & #28 cost #7 + 2016 first. He was 3 years younger, nowhere near FA, but also out of contract.
  • Dangerfield cost #9 and #28. Same age, slightly higher bracket, and was a FA.
  • Tom Mitchell cost #14. But Sydney were idiots.
  • O’Meara cost #10 + 2017 second. O’meara had huge upside, was 3 years younger but had injury concerns.
  • B. Hill cost #23. Two years younger but not rated as highly.
  • Prestia & #24 cost #6 and 2018 second. Not rated as highly, mostly #6 for him. Was 1 year younger.
  • Gibbs + 2018 2nd & 3rd rounders cost #10 and #16. Gibbs was also uncontracted, no salary cap issues, but 4 years older.
  • Deveon Smith, #25 & 2018 second cost #11 and 2018 third. But this was also ridiculous. And he wasn’t rated at same level as Shiel.

Those seem to be the closest trades in terms of quality of player from the last 3 seasons. It feels to me like maybe #9 and #33 might get it done. GWS don’t usually ask for too much, and as a FA next year they’d only get #15 or so.


they get an A grade player and keep their selection in the draft and do not give up a player


Get our second rounder back from them.


Standard practice to surround big news with selectively related clickbait.

Also, … turns out Bomber just happens to be in court today I just found out on 7 News, … who actually knew that was coming up??

Heard nothing anywhere, … including here.


Happy days boys and girls

and Farked Carlton


That would be an interesting trick given Gold Coast have it.





Reading posts on Hawthorn flogfooty is quite entertaining. They seem to think we’re paying over a mil for him lol


Sorry Will I’m not coming FCFC




[[https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/sport/afl/greater-western-sydney-pair-dylan-shiel-and-adam-treloar-pick-of-bunch/news-story/1121227039bff1f1f31f37c655e85b20?nk=eefd1b4689a305d19063ac0ca143f466-1539067507 7]]


Yikes - the amazing there was they were gloating how good Treloar and Shiel will be, by saying they were as highly rated as Scully and Bastinac. Lol.

It does show though that sometimes the misses were rated by more than the club who picks them up.


They are some pretty awesome highlights.

He will be rated at another level when he is playing more in Melbourne.
Might get the tag though, that will help zerrett.
Plays like Judd.


“Shiel and Treloar, who grew up passionate Carlton supporters and share a March 9 birthday, will make the trip north before GWS’s official launch on November 16.”

And to think they will both end up at Carlton’s 2 most hated rivals Colingwood and Essendon.

Fark Carlton


This is a fantastic day for the club. If you were in any doubt after last years trading of the SSS then be in no doubt any longer.

We are a destination club (again after many sad years).

With Shiel now coming in as the big bodied inside mid we’ve been desperate for, where is the missing link.?

I know we are mostly one eyed here, but I genuinely can’t see any gaps on the list.


He’s not exactly the big inside bull.

Feel we could do with a gut runner ala a Gaff/Scully etc