Operation Human Shiel


Less is more. :slightly_smiling_face:


For those with access to an AFL live sub Shiel got 13 possessions in the first quarter against the lions in Rd 14, 2017


That would have been handy a week later


A few things of note. Let’s not underestimate the influence of good mate Devon Smith on helping to influence Shiel in making his decision. They will now be competing for the Crichton. Dodoro’s trade from last season continues to look like a work of genius and pay dividends for the club. That trade combined withthis one, will go down as one of EFC’s best ever.
Likewise the attraction of playing on ANZAC day, call it blockbuster appeal. Shiel’s comments indicate this was a factor, and for this reason alone, we must never lose this game. Thanks once more to uncle Kevin who came up with the original idea. I wonder if Sheeds also had a quiet word to Dylan about Essendon over the last year or so, planting the seed etc.

The biggest and most important issue going forward will now be the fitness of Joe Dan. Get him right, healthy and firing and EFC will be looking mighty dangerous in 2019.


SSSS !!!


James Stewart does not like this comment.


I like the way he can kick the ball properly at pace and it goes to his team mates advantage.


We make friends better than FCFC.


Duly noted, and done.


Can’t sleep. Seriously excited. How good was today! I don’t want to stop here though! Who’s next? Gunning for Martin!!!




LOL every time I see Silvani pleading with the goal umpire…amazing academy award performance.


What? You reckon you’re gonna essentially get Shiel for 1x 1st round pick?


Is Sheil a free agent next year?

Becuase pick 9 is a lot better than any compo they would get.


Yes he is. And there’s no guarantee of that. If they stink it up (they were a chance to miss the finals at the halfway mark of this year) there’s every chance they slide and the pick is only in the 8-12 region. There’s still no way GWS will let him go for just Pick 9. It’s just not going to happen.

Some reality and perspective needs to be applied here.


Yup. If it was me, I’d be playing hard ball. GWS encouraged Dylan to look around - they need to get him off their books. I’d string out negotiations to nullify any threat that the Hawks/Blues could get involved. Then GWS would be forced to decide between keeping him (ie, a year of TPP pain + a comp pick in 12 months) and our offer of a 1st and change.


Dodoro will not give up next year’s first pick. Imagine having Kelly wanting to come to your club and you’ve only got a future first rounder but needing two?


Woke up this morning. Feeling like…

Zippitty do dah Zippitty day
My oh my what a wonderful day…




This years draft also reportedly far superior than next years.

This years 9 is equivalent of last years pick 3-5