Operation Human Shiel


I would try and keep Laverde, and Bags deserves another year.

Happy for Green and Hartley to go, would also shop around Colyer.

If we got offered a good trade for Laverde…ie equal to his pick later first round then I would consider trading him.
Just feel hes gonna explode next year.


If he stays fit, I have a lot of faith he’ll come through and be a massive asset.
It would kill to see him in prison bars next season. Or even a Collingwood jumper.


So are you saying/ hinting the price of Shiel would require us to take on 4-6 draftee/rookies?


Must keep Laverde (isn’t he about to sign a 2 year contract?) and would love to see Baguley get another year. His manic pressure up forward is so dynamic/uplifting and he’s a reliable kick for goal. Hartley’s only 25 and as a big bloke is coming into his prime so I’d keep him as well. If push come to shove, Green and Baguley may need to go if it means recruiting A grade talent through a trade/s.


How many can fit any of those 4 players into their best 22. Baguley perhaps off of a wonderful season as a small forward for maybe a year.

Laverde the best potential of the lot, but where does he fit? And if he doesn’t fit now, then when?

Shiel pushes his way into the 22 easily.

Plus I’d imagine if those players did leave there would be at least some minor upgrading of draft picks.

It’s a really easy decision for me.


Honestly, if we could get this bloke on reasonable terms, even if those terms involve trading Jayden Laverde, I’d take it like a shot.


I have learned over the years that Fog’s questions are never just questions…


And the double question marks at the end.
What does ‘??’ mean?



An itchy/nervous trigger finger most likely.




Yes, have no issue with that at all.

Do it

Green- should be delisted at years end anyway
Laverde- I really like him, but he hasn’t proved anything yet. Had a lot of injuries
Hartley- gone backwards, is about 4th in line for a key backs position
Bags- next year is likely to be his last year anyway

Good football teams are ruthless


Given the post Fogdog just placed in the trade forum, that may be the reality of what we’re looking at doing to land Shiel then. Wow.


despite the fact that its been reported that lav and hartley are closing in on deals with the club…


Ship Colyer back in the glove department to the west before we move on Laverde.


As long as we take him from Fark Carlton’s grasp some collateral damage from losing some of our depth players worth it

I’ll back in Keane/Dodoro to replace what we need as depth via draft


What happened to the “we have heaps of cap space”?


So we’re getting Gaff and Setterfield as well!!


Welcome to Essendon: Dustin Martin.


Package Myers and Colyer to Freo to clear room in the salary cap, if needed. If Neal leaves they will be desperate.

Gaff and Shiel would be amazing get.


I truly wonder how many ‘games’ all clubs/ players looking to move, play in order to get deals done.