Operation Human Shiel


My wife would be jealous I didn’t do it for her. But it would be way worth it.
Can I at least wear a tux not a wedding dress?


Maybe something like this, but wearing an Essendon guernsey under the coat:

And maybe in front of a Kia.


Tell him ITS TIME

Then walk off.


More like in front of an A-Mart sofa bed




Do a search for “Dylans iPhone” or “Shiels Phone” and airdrop some photos of this thread and him in an essendon jumper


See now we are getting creative. Better than “Give him a wristy”

So, Im in a wedding dress with a boom box playing our theme song, with an Essendon jumper doing the @DJR on an amart couch, holding a Fujitsu aircon.


Thankyou @BomberMik, he’s as good as ours!


Blowing him is the opposite way to go about it


2 songs on repeat…

  • Kashmir
  • Two Tribes

Any neighbours complain about the noise, turn the dial a fraction clockwise, and activate Mega Bass !


I would also add play Spirited Shift
followed by Essendon Theme Song


We should be going after Cunnington. Screw that ■■■■ hole club he plays for.


He is a fine player but l would rather Higgins myself, but whatever. Since neither player looks like moving on, it is a rather pointless exercise. You appear to be motivated by hate.


Not true. My motivation is hate…wait, yes you are correct.


Higgins is a grain of sand away from retiring of sweat rash. Absolute injury prone old fkn ■■■■■ who credit to him had a season I didn’t think he could deliver and never will again.

Cunnington is the most complete battler in the AFL. A very very very good battler.


If getting Shiel meant we would not offer contracts to Laverde, Hartley, Baguely and Green, would this be ok??

Laverde the big loss there for me.


That would be fine by me.


The club could bite that bullet, but l would be trying to hold onto Laverde and Baguely. If it was necessary to cut 3 of the 4, then Mark would miss out. Again, that is only if it was up to me. l love Bags, but getting Shiel to EFC would be too good an opportunity to pass up.


LAV is ‘hoped’ to become an inside mid for us

Shiel is already a known quality gun

And we have the Stringer/Langford fwd/mid players sorted.

Can’t imagine we are that tight for $$ to have to cut all those Fog noted unless you factoring in Shiel on top of another trade target.

We would have been planning for one incoming gun at the $1mil/yr level.


In a heartbeat.