Operation Human Shiel


It’s not impossible. Rookie wages really is chicken feed, it’d be both profoundly insulting and quite possibly financially unsustainable for someone like Bags to all of a sudden find himself earning $50k/yr plus match payments, or whatever rookie pay is these days. What happens if he gets injured and doesn’t earn match payments? He’s quite possibly got a mortgage etc, and on base rookie wage that’d be hard to sustain.

People really overestimate how much the lower-paid players earn. And someone like Bags (who was drafted late and so hasn’t been earning full AFL wages since age 18 like a lot of blokes, and also who wouldn’t have ever been among the higher-paid guys at the club) just isn’t going to go quietly onto a rookie wage just for the hell of it. He could earn more at a local club and work full time on top of that. Sometimes aging star type guys - who’ve been around for a long time and who’ve been paid very highly at points during their career - might take a pay cut in their final year/years to help keep a strong young list together, especially if they’re planning on transitioning to coaching once they retire. I doubt someone like Bags has the financial resources to do that easily.


They can’t literally get rookie wages as they are senior listed players.

What’s the minimum senior list 100k. I’d reckon they would take that vs delisted and probably not picked up any where else.


Sorry guys but I’d trade one of Hooker, Hurley or Francis (especially Francis if he won’t extend his contract) for a top line mid like Shiel or similar.

Bring in Gaff via free agency and look at shopping Laverde for a player or pick but would be happy to keep him too.

Hartley, Green, Dea gone for mine just for list balance.

Bags 1 more year.


langford in the cannon.

The poster, not the player !


Well given his age and the fact that his contract is about to run out, I’d say Bags would be smart enough to not have mortgage repayments so big that he can’t handle if he doesn’t get a similar contract…it would be super irresponsible.

My guess would be that he’d absolutely go on another year, if the catch was that he’d be on minimum chips. Especially considering he started his AFL career later than most and that team success could be right around the corner. I think he would definitely understand that kind of ultimatum if it meant we brought in a Gaff/Shiel type big gun.


Trading Francis would be all kinds of stupid.
Mids are a dime a dozen.
You weirdo.


I’d say Dea, Long and Green are most at risk.

Along with Jerrett and BJ that must make some space.


It really depends on what sort of draft picks we’d have to give up as well.

Laverde is the main one I’d want to hold on to there, based on his upside.


I vote for “Operation Human Shiel” as the name for the whole draft and trade category this year.

It has really grown on me (and not in some weird fungus-type way).


105k and 5k a match minimum contract, or rookie 75k and 4k (plus up to 12k if you play 11+ games) isn’t chump change, and better than most receive in the real world.


Genuine LOL at some of the hawks supporters last night saying this years first & Ceglar for Shiel. I’d Fkg Run like gump if that offer was even proposed as a serious attempt at a trade. Can’t believe there’s even this much speculation given he’s about to embark on a finals series for GWS and trade period is still a month away. Take in the finals and then let the trade period unfold.


Do not get rid of Lav


Wouldn’t it be sweet if the mid first round priority picks kicked in after our pick 8? Push their pick back a few of places


To be fair, media noise is fuelling their frenzy so it’s understandable they’d think Shiel is their man. So, if he does end up at Essendon they’ll be massively disappointed/piss_d AND how sweet that would be


That would be the Maltesers on the icing on the cake…


Shiel hasn’t been as much of a contested/clearance machine this year. Pretty much on par with Zerrett in terms of contested and clearance work.


Shiel would improve most teams, but surely the Hawk’s priority is a KPP forward.


Yeah i agree.


A Ty Vickery type?


McKernan 4 Roughead?