Operation Human Shiel


Shiel’s movement through congestion is great to watch.


Hes like a great antibiotic.


Operation: LAV SHACK


I thought you were going to say laxative


I hope Shiel will nominate us so hawthorn can’t have him… will be great like 84 and 85 premiership years :blush:


How many premiership EFC win.


I would rather Francis than Shiel, Gaff or Setterfield.


Ok. But would you trade Franga if i.e. a 3-club deal woukd for EFC bring in Setterfield and Shiel? With Gaff coming in as a free agent.


Of course you would



Roughead is magic like stars


It’s one of those unrealistic hypotheticals that has no purpose.
Like - “would you still love me if I were a quadriplegic…”
I’m not a teenager anymore.


If you were a teenager, what would your answer be?


It would be “shut up, or I’ll put a pickaxe through your spine right now…”
Fortunately, I’m not a teenager anymore and have stopped being so crass.


Too many eejits carry on as if trade week is like a Myer’s sale, where you know the price of everything.

Prize eejit there before.


Don’t sell the Hoof!


Why in God’s name would we trade Francis?
Twitish and moronic


Have you been watching repeats of The Young Ones?



I simply want tge Pies to win on Saturday,so Shiel might announce it in the next couple weeks.