...or is it just me?

Thread is about asking the question if it’s just you or not.

An example could be ‘I organise my DVDs by year. Is it just me?’. I don’t but you could!

So my partner and I generally need to take about 30 minutes to decide what pizza we are going to order. Is it just me?

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No, it’s your girlfriend/boyfriend/SO


Not me.

We don’t eat pizza. Though that’s not really what you’re asking.

I alphabetise my DVDs.


My gf asks me what pizza’s we should order, i tell her immediately, she reads the menu for 45 minutes and then ends up ordering the ones i suggested.


I don’t have DVD’s anymore


I group cd’s by band name and release date order, then grouped by genre.
That’s probably not unusual.

Same here. l did the same for my CDs, Lps, and singles. It was the only way l could keep trck of them. Then l put them into tables to keep track of what l had.

As for ordering food? In China when l went out with people, l would look at a menu and sa what l liked, only to find 10 minutes later that the others still had not decided on what they wanted to eat. They couldn’t organize a decent chook raffle half the time.

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That was my system when i used to have about 900. Now all of those songs fit in my laptop. I guess the cds are in landfill? :woozy_face:

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Where to number go and what about bands with The in the name, like The Wiggles?

Glad you guys decided on pizza. My wife doesn’t care what we have. But she doesn’t want pizza, fish n chips, Indian or burgers.

She does feel like Thai though. Or whatever I want. :laughing:


nonononoooooooooooo not in landfill…!!..cd sound is of much higher quality than from your lap top… I’m dying inside now.


The “the” doesnt count. (And i cant work out the first bit of your question…) And Wiggles…dont even joke.

Numbers in band name i guess. In the movie world for example the movie 10 things i hate about you. Is that at the start or does it go under T.

I’d say numerical order… If the title was Ten Things I Hate About You, then alphabetical.

It goes under ‘T’

For Taming of the Shrew

Just occurred to me that would be cataloging a bit like the sister in The Accidental Tourist

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I’ve got around 1,000 LPs. If they weren’t in alphabetical order, I’d never find the one I wanted.

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Apartment living. I already have a heap of vinyl so can’t keep everything unfortunately.

Mods. please rename thread to “Welcome OCD members, please wipe feet and sanitise hands before entering”.


I organise my dvd’s by genre. One shelf is comedy, next shelf is action etc

is it just me or does every check if they have switched off their phone constantly before they sit down at the cinemas?

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