...or is it just me?


Not true mate, Mp3 etc yes, but the full Wave file or FLAC lossless is exactly the same.


Is it just me that has a wife that takes 90 minutes to get ready but I’m the one making us late because I don’t have my shoes on when we are ready to leave?


Yes, and even moreso at funerals.

DVDs and CDs were always sorted alphabetically, then when I moved last year they all got shuffled around and I can’t be stuffed re-sorting them.


Dont give @lance84 an “out”… lol


Its very rare you have someone that can discern the difference between flac and 320kbps mp3s.


Well, I have all my CD’s on a HD in FLAC too now, and play straight from computer via a usb outboard D/A converter and then into the Stereo.

But I keep the CD’s as back up should something happen, and I’d say it’d be pretty silly to just ditch them, … but especially into Landfill.

Surely you’d recycle, . . :rage:


The volume must always be set on a number that ends on zero or five.

Eg. 25 or 40. It must NOT be set on 37 or 52 or 16 or 29.


Wait a minute. You just said that you don’t eat pizza and 23 other people just ignored you like it’s normal.

Is it just me, or is this particular behavior by everyone on this site?


Similar, but I can only do levels divisible by 2.


That’s what I do. Must be an even number



Gotta give them three quick clicks to test they work before heading outside to bbq.


Because two is not enough and four too many?


Three seems just right, two not nearly enough, four just seems like attention seeking behaviour.


These responses explain a lot of other behaviours I’ve seen in other threads :rofl:


legit laughed out loud at this


Hmm volume controls divisible by two but tong clicks are ok odd?

You guys avoid stepping on cracks, right?


We are the same except it’s usually me ducking back into the house to retrieve my phone charger.


A combo, even number or divisible by 5 is okay. Anything thing else is an abomination


You must have the same number of each colour of M&Ms and eat them in a way that ensures you always have it that way.


The simple & Universal answer to all posts in this thread is, .

“Yes, . it is just you”.

Pack of freaks. :laughing: