...or is it just me?


Also for Skittles


When I watch the Bombers, I have to cross my legs in the direction of our goal or we will lose (it doesn’t work).

Is it just me?


If you have three different things on your dinner plate, say meat and two veg, the final three mouthfuls of the meal to clean the plate must be one of each, in order of least favourite to favourite as the final.


The answer to almost all questions in this thread is: yes, it’s just you, and there’s medication for what you have


Simple, classify them thus (The) Wiggles, under W.


Obviously, but at least they have different flavours.


We are demonising Carbs.
Please try to keep up Clone Hirdy.


Yes every time.


Binging. When you start drinking, you don’t stop at 1-2 cans or glasses. You just keep going and going and going. You then massively regret it for the next few days, while making all sorts of silly vows of future sobriety to yourself. Drink or don’t drink. There is no middle way. Or is it just me?

Edit: Bowing to clients…while talking to them on the telephone.


This really is becoming the serious medical issue thread


BSD beat you


Meat & 2 Veg?

is it just me or…???


The answers to this thread appear to be Spotify and Netflix.


The answer to this thread is actually not it’s not just you, nutters are all around.


Wash your mouth out that is disgraceful.


I colour code my Wives


My alarm clock must be set to a non even number e.g 6:33 not 6:30.


You lot are weird.




Lol, can picture that.

But anyway, 3 days recovery? OK, I confess…

OP: GF likes any pizza as long there’s no olives. So we do 50/50. Incidentally, have recently started making my own dough - so much better, not that difficult, can’t go back now. Just knead and all will be forgiven.