...or is it just me?


Did I ever tell you my kids are 6 foot?


If you did, it went straight over my head.


Which wouldn’t be easy.


One of my grandparents’ friends back in the day was Sri Lankan, but very dark. A younger sibling proceeded to tell my mother how there was a “chocolate man” at Nonna’s house today. We’re fairly sure it was due to having seen that ad.


I close the roller door when I leave for work watch it go down, then reverse back down the street to make sure it is closed, on bad days I get half way to work and drive back to make sure it’s closed.

Edit: and when I worked at my last job when I used to have to iron shirts and could walk to work would get half way there and go back to check the iron, then walk to work and go back again WTF


I rotate the “stock” in my pantry. Which probably isn’t a bad thing to do. But I also only have one of each item facing the front. Spices and cereals are in alphabetical order.

Also all the handles on my cups have to be facing the same direction and in colour groups in the cupboard

Pretty sure I have mild OCD


Yes they are fine in the market but in the carpark they are weapons!


Were you a supermarket stacker ! you missed your calling.

the handles gets me :rofl:


I definitely was a supermarket slacker, I mean stacker, in my teens.


pffft…you guys are amateur ocd’ers…


You leave Julia Roberts alone!


I’ve got the German pressing of that fine album. It’s filed under “D” for “die Die”.


Isn’t there a joke in The Commitments about this?


When cooking, the need to make a small side dish for yourself so you don’t eat what you are preparing, or is it just me?


Is Essendon getting worse and worse against good teams…or is it just me!


People hate when we beat good teams and lose to bad ones

Seems to me we’re honest this year, shellacked by the top sides and beaten most of the crap ones.

People seem to hate that even more


IIRC the band that broke up to become The Commitments briefly considered calling themselves And And! And.


but with an exclamation mark after the second “and” to look deadly on the posters…


I set multiple alarms before going to bed. On my phone, iPad which sits on the bedside table and ensure my girlfriend has an alarm set on her phone.

I have to check that the volume is all the way up on my phones alarm 20 times, and on my iPad 10 times. If I check any less than that, I won’t be settled.

I also ask the gf to show me the alarm she set before I can sleep., and that the volume is all the way up.

I’ve never been late to an appointment due to missing an alarm and I am always half an hour early for work. Not sure why I am this way but it’s quite frustrating haha


Oh, it’s just you…