Other UK Football - 'Don't want to be in the EPL anyway..'

Geez, I totally forgot they hadn’t settled on a manager yet. Leaving it late. I fully expected it to be Leicester stuffing around.

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The problem maybe the EFL dragging their feet on the ratification of the new board and owners of Leeds United.

Whist the buy out was approved by the EPL, the EFL changed their rules a day before the finalisation of the sale to the 49ers, essentially forcing the club the “re-apply” the board and owner documents causing the delay. (only could happen to Leeds)

The suggestion is that we have a manager in principal but can’t announce until the club gets the all clear from the EFL for the sale to the 49ers.


What’s happened to Bamford?

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If it were up to me he’d be resting his continuous broken body on a beach in the Greek islands.

Best case scenario is he is the back up striker that can hold the ball up when we are 2 goals up with 20 minutes to go.

If he is starting games in this coming season then the club has failed in its due diligence to improve the attacking line. Something that they should have done 4 transfer windows ago.

He’s a gun in the championship

Not the prem.

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He’s also turning 30 with a body of a 45yo.

Aaron Mooy has retired from all football with immediate effect!


I’m glad he got to finish as a winner, on his terms and still playing well. He really got us through a patch of games last season where we had some injuries. After a slow start he blossomed and will always be loved at Parkhead.

Thanks Aaron.


About Farke time!

Willkommen zu Leeds!


Very sad

Come on you Foxes. Win one in the bank thank you very much. KDH the man of the moment. I hope we can keep him.

Was nice having 100 mil sitting on the pine as your subs. :joy::joy:
Well, that’s what the Coventry Gaffer said.

3 from 3 matches under the new Gaffer. Got to say I’m happy with the start.

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Leeds performance was dire. Everyone wants out. Could only put 8 on the bench including 2 GKs. The 49ers would want to get their act together before the transfer window ends.


Diabolical from Leeds, same glaring issues.
However this from a fan actually gave me a laugh.


I wonder if Jake Carlisle just departed Leeds too…
It’d be interesting to what he would have said on his way out.

Chuba > Ajax for $10.5M

Seems unders.

With the bombers looking so bad it’s great the Foxes have started so well. The new signings and coach have the team humming. 4 games, 4 wins. It’s been a long time since I could say that.

Happy with the Potters start to the season

Finally cleared the books of massive wages leftover from premier league and previous managers

Have brought ina mixture of proven championship players and a few premier league loans

We even have got into the euro market

Happy days ahead

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Keep going Foxes. Five in a row. Academy players stepping up too.

AND HERE WE GOOO… Leeds get their long awaited win. 4 goals from a potent front end.

One more week to shop and its clear a pair of FBs are a priority.

If leeds can pull off targets Amiri, Paintsil, Kamara and Lewis O’brien with a pair of fullbacks (spence and taylor) we’ll be cooking with gas.