Our senior team is butter soft


How does old mate get to hit and carry on with BJ 10 meters out from goal and not get set on his ■■■■. Sure he would have got a 50, but he was right there anyway. How about some good old fashioned hard bumps near or just off the ball. You don’t have to deck people to be hard at the contest. But hell, if your performance is rubbish and your due to be dropped anyway, how about it?


These pea hearted, spineless Kent’s allowed a bunch of 10 pound weaklings bully us yesterday. Smith and Fanta are the only two blokes who have niggle in them and to a lesser extent Stringer. The rest are cowards.


Kingsley playing for port. Gun player who started with us.


wtf are those jumpers?


If i was to apply Worsefoldisms of his speech to his coaching team:

The Positives are that we are starting to build a understanding of the areas we have to get way better at… _
> The positive we have to challenge ourselves on are what we are learning in this period, and what do we want to act on to improve that will make us a better team, and the team we want to be…

thats from his presser… Does anyone else find his talking real Corporate like… Moving forward/ Were we want to be as a group etc… i find it has no spirit… and is dry, no heart… And when you start losing it sounds like a broken record very quickly…


He is just a joke. Says the same garbage week after week. Looks like he couldn’t give a stuff.


The only word I have which should be applied to the EFC club is. RUTHLESS in all decisions starting NOW.


Forget the hit, what about the kick by Rioli and the lead by Lloyd.
When was the last time we’ve seen that happen in our forward line.


Hey team, you know those little ■■■■ heads that have been giving you ■■■■ all game. They just missed some absolute sitters in front of goal why don’t you get in their face and let them know about it. Yeah, nah.


Things need to change. First thing is for Heppel to shave his head and beard. Next sack Worsfold, neeld and Dudoro. Never give Goddard another game. And that is just the start of it.


Look how good Dean Riolis forward 50 entry was, balanced, doesn’t rush, calls the player to lead at him and then kicks a lazer lace out to Lloyd between two defenders.


Nah, bullshit, you can be a mental Mong and still hit a bloke. In fact hard players who are angry and confused are likely to hit harder.


Btw, when I say hit, I mean, get a shoulder into someone




Smack does ok in the spirit stakes.


Has spirit and some agro but doesn’t use his frame often enough. Guys his build should be sticking knees into the kidneys and backs of defenders. He had a couple of chances yesterday to really crunch a Carlton players legitimately


True. But in terms of the other blokes in the team he shows something.


True, too many choir boys in the side. Even when our opponents miss goals or stuff up hardly anyone goes to them and lets them know about it. A fair percentage of the game is above the shoulders and if you can mentally get into someone the job is easier


Has anyone read BJ’s editorial in the Herald Sun today? I have to ask who has got to him?
It sounds like something coming out of AFL House 101 How to quieten the masses.

Bullsh1t and I am not convinced at all.


We have Bellchambers the enforcer.
All other ruckman should be petrified.