Our senior team is butter soft


Soft and lacking skill. What a combo.


At that time, the surface of Etihad was a joke (still is) however at that time everyone was slipping over. It was too hard and then they put too much sand, causing all sorts of issues and players constantly slipping over. Have a look how many times rioli slipped over. Not once!


It’s why I want him as skills coach.

Add to the fact he has been coaching (successfully) for the last 5 years, it’s a no brainer


Everyone born on Tiwi can kick and hold their feet like that, it comes from kicking a footy in the wet season bare foot


Who do you want as skills coach?

Does Dean rioli coach? Best skilled player I’ve seen.


everyone eh? i see walla fall over as much as hurley.


Yes, coached the Wanderers in the NTFL to back to back flags, and has taken over as head coach at Therry Penola in div 1 vafa and has them off to a 4-1 start despite them having a stack of injuries/suspensions


My old mob! Was a major coup for a lower profile club to get Dean on board. He brought a couple of indigenous boys over who are doing quite well.
Bannisters back in this week.


Both Bannisters are playing this year aren’t they?


Yeah Jordan is back after a year out from umpiring and Jarrod is back having gone and played in the country for a season. Corey still laces up too.


Wow, a clutch of Bannisters.

Having a good year so far, clearly the boys like playing for Deano


Yes, a fourth brother Shaun, who is 48 or thereabouts played in round one as well haha.
Yes he definitely has their respect. He’s positive, encouraging and gets the players to play for him.


Now I’m reading Bags got tough talked by Brendon Bolton hot damn anyone can have a go at our mob.


Dean Rioli skills were so good to watch. Pity he loved turtles more


The fact that no one got around Kobe Mutch last week afternoon kicking his first goal absolutely sickened me. This kid is having a crack and no one gave a ■■■■.


i dont think its we are butter soft.

i think the players skills are ■■■■ and they have no direction


I would image we just watched it again.


Wtf? We should shut up shop now.
Just watched the VFL I think it was Q3 watch Hocking clean up some Muppet in the goal square. Another comment in the VFL thread “I think Francis just killed someone”.
Honestly outside of the year hirdy was coach I can’t remember us playing with heart, passion, and intensity at ball and man post Sheedy.
We are fkn soft.


The good news is that butter gets annoyingly hard in the cold of winter.


You mean June?


We are going to break that mould then