Our senior team is butter soft


So much this.


because its been 15 ■■■■■■■ years.

good luck getting your kids to give a ■■■■ in 5 more years.


Hey the proverbial watch the we, many of us thought we could and probably would make the eight, not necessarily win the flag. Hey even the club was pushing finals bit, as part of their push for us to go into the draw for finals tickets and it will only cost you ex amount. It wasn’t ONLY the supporters. Many of us were lead down that garden path and we followed because that’s what we yearned for. But; realistically it is not going to happen. We will end up on the bottom of the ladder again this year if we keep playing like this and we don’t have to tank. There is a problem, no one knows what it is, just fix it and fix it soon. Who’s blaming who?


I tricked my kids yesterday into thinking the VFL was the main game for the weekend. So they cheered for that.

Made easier by the fact my daughters favourite player is Micheal Hartley

I know…


Club was pushing finals and a top 4 finish. What did you want them to do? Tell us we’d finish middle of the ladder?
People blame the club. People blame the assistant coaches. People blame Heppell’s kicking. People blame Joe. Lloydy even queried the bootstudder.

We have more points for than eight other teams. We actually had more scoring shots than Carlton. We’re not that good but we’re certainly not as bad as people make out.


Like most people, I’ve been calling for wholesale changes to the AFL team. I’m done with that suggestion.

The kids in the VFL are playing with confidence, and playing for each other. Leave them alone, and don’t expose them to the cancer that is the AFL side.


Do you watch the games? We are that bad. I get it that we have the talent and potential to turn the corner and raise our playing standard remarkably, but we definitely are that bad at the moment. The gameplan clearly isn’t working, and yes, we look soft and look like we lack desire. For the club to then sprout the crap they have been (they needn’t have shown up for the pressers at the last 3 games, could’ve replayed the earlier ones this season as nothing different was said) is a little insulting. Why? We’ve trotted out the same performances, selected the same blokes and seen ZERO change, even though the coaches and senior players have said change would occur.


We have lost direction. It needs to be found again and Woosha isn’t the man with the map.


I’m all for Woosh out but I also think he can be our coach in 2019 with new people behind him, We need 4 new assistant coaches minimum.

Neeld, Harding, Harvey, Corrigan to be replaced at the very least for me.


Watch the Winderlich interview at the 4 minute mark, talks about his first game.

The key phrase is “back then”


Yeah noticed that as well when he spoke about Barnard. Those were the days…


Only If Joe could kick straight.

Not once did I feel Llyod would miss would kick the goal 9 times out of 10 with Joe I have to cover my eyes and pray he kicks it.


Getting sick of this Richmond comparison.

Richmond didnt get smashed in all their finals, we did.
Richmond finished 5th in their H&A campaigns, we barely scraped into the 8.

Richmond had decent H&A season form, they just needed to tinker with their gameplan as it didnt stack up in finals.

So this crap that Richmond were in the same position as us is just rubbish

EDIT: were flogged in one final when cotchin kicked into the wind against Port and conceded 8 goals


Losing to Carlton in 2013 may as well have been a flogging.
That was a worse loss than our loss to North in 2014.



You’re right mate, Richmond were not smashed in consecutive finals campaign which is what I said/allueded to.

But my comparison is that Richmond built slowly. Even went backwards a couple of years.
2010 – 15th (second bottom) with six wins
2011 – 12th with eight wins
2012 – 12th with ten wins
2013 – 5th with 15 wins lost final 96-116
2014 – lost final 132 to 75
2015 – lost final 105 to 88

My point being it wasn’t “overnight” for Richmond. Hardwick’s third year they finished 12th. Did they burn down Punt Rd? No.


Well spotted mate, its pretty depressing listening to that now.


Jebus to have a Barnard, Solomon, Mark Johnson, Jason Johnson in this team.

Closest we have is Smith.


Hardwick was on the verge of getting sacked do you not remember the board challenge?


I’m sick of hearing people say Richmond have been building for years to get where they. They changed thier fortunes around and how they play in 1 friggin pre season while Essendon on the other hand has been trying for over a decade.


I was born in the 80’s, this is what Essendon was for me.

These players in 2018 might wear the Essendon Guernsey, but they sure don’t carry themselves like an Essendon team.

80’s, 90’s, and early 00’s. This is what Essendon was. Physical intimidation. Verbal intimidation. Then backed it up on the score board.
It’s depressing watching this team getting bullied and just rolling over to Carlton and Melbourne.